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    Feedback for Sound Off Audio

    I bought a dual 10 inch sun box from Sound of Audio and was sent here to give feedback on the item. Don't know why unless they are affiliated. The sub box I bought is going into an 05 F150 reg cab with the four doors, two rear suicide doors. I have very little good to say about the box I bought. By the pic, it looks like the sub box fits from one side to the other tightly, not so. There is 7.5 inches gap behind the drivers seat to the edge of the cab, enough room to have mounted the second sub behind the drivers seat instead of both being behind the pass seat. In the pics on their website, the width is showing enough room to flip up the arm rest in the middle. The box I was sent, being 12.5 inches wide, is so wide that I cant flip up the arm rest, or vice versa, without fighting with compressing the foam to get it past the box. The section cut out for the middle seat belt assembly is huge, shown by the pics but didn't think it was that bad before I test fitted the box in my truck. The gap is so large you could store, or lose, numerous items in the hole. I emailed them about the issues before I mounted my subs in the box, thinking they may want it back and remake e a proper box. The first phone call I had with a rep, he said that the reason for the gap behind the drivers seat was because of a dip in the floor pan of trucks from 04 to 09, when he asked what truck I had and I told him it was an 05, he didn't mention it again. When I asked about the width being so wide and not letting me flip up my arm rest, he asked if a 11.5 inch wide box would fit better. On the website, there are options for making the box custom, this is not one of the options. I mentioned the gap for the middle seat belt assembly, that was ignored. The guy I talked to asked me to draw up a diagram of a box that would fit correctly, which I sent to him. A day later he phoned me to discuss it. I was told he could not make the box as drawn because he wouldn't be able to ship it due to dimension weight, saying it was to big and heavy for the courier to take it. I told him to try and cut the length of the box in half, making two boxes that would fit tight, and ship it as two boxes. That idea seem to hard for him to grasp as he completely ignored it, still being stuck on the boxes being to big to ship. He said he would check with his shipper and see if they could send the full single sie box and would get back to me. That was 2 months ago, no word from him and no emails. At this point I am in the process of making my own box, the same as what I drew out for the rep from Sound Off Audio, and am going to use that one and sell the one they sent me. As I said, I have very little good to say about them. The box they sent me is well made other than a couple of the corners are not even, the edges stick up above the side as if the boards aren't cut straight even though they claim to use a CNC to cut them. I did find the garbage box carpet stuffed inside the box, rather than it being thrown out, but not a huge deal.