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  1. Adam Murphy

    wall help

    Yes as in 40hz notes choke you out and 20hz moves air. I was thinking 32hz tuning with big center port
  2. Adam Murphy

    wall help

    Air and painful highs. I don't compete or meter. Just demo
  3. Adam Murphy

    wall help

    And I decided on flat ported wall. More than likely 4 sp4 15's. Any idea of how the specs and tuning would need to be? And port location for best daily musical? Double or triple baffle? Frequencies wise I want 24hz to painful 40's..
  4. Adam Murphy

    wall help

    Were they in a extended cab truck?
  5. Adam Murphy

    wall help

    I just love 4th order responses, and really good and wide play range on music. I was gonna do 3 sp4's inverted in a 4th just cause it hasn't been done in a vehicle like mine before. Amps battery's on a tool box.
  6. Adam Murphy

    wall help

    I have someone experienced doing my wall. I have 2 northstar 400's 100ft of 2/0 welding cable and singer 320 alt. I would think 3 in a 4th order would be louder to the ear?
  7. Adam Murphy

    wall help

    I am 19 I have 2 sp4's on the way. I have 2 ampere 3800's. Everything going in a 98 dodge ram 1500 ext cab. I'm wanting at least 154-56db to the ear. Would 2 in a 4th order do the job or would 3 be better? I'm not trying to get 4 because I want to save money.