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  1. Dale Long

    How long did you wait for your last ssa sub order?

    Yeah I went ahead and installed the second run of 0 guage just in case. Got the subs installed and tuned, I am very impressed! Let me know what you guys think:
  2. A XS power d3100 fits right in the stock battery location in both my bmw 3 series (e36) that I used to have, and my 5 series (e39) that I currently own.
  3. Dale Long

    How long did you wait for your last ssa sub order?

    Quick question though, I recently installed a 240 amp alternator, do you think that the OEM single run of 0 guage power wire that is running from my alternator to the batteries in the trunk can temporarily support the 240 amp alternator for about a week until I come back from vacation and have a chance to install my second run of 0 guage wire? I heard that about 20 feet of copper 0 guage wire can only handle 175 amps... So I am worried I have already upgrade the grounds (engine --> chassis) and (battery --> chassis), I just never had the chance to upgrade the positive wire. And for what it is worth, the oem alternator that was feeding off of the oem 0 guage wire was 150 amps.
  4. Dale Long

    How long did you wait for your last ssa sub order?

    Just thought I would update you guys, I was notified on an order status change today via email, my Xcons have shipped out, tracking says they will be here thursday (literally 2 days before I leave for vacation)! wooo!! I can't wait
  5. Dale Long

    How long did you wait for your last ssa sub order?

    Yeah I'm sure they will be worth the wait
  6. Yup lol I meant wire the coils in series, then wire the subs together in parallel. Well thanks guys, I will stick with the Audiopipe 3k, can't wait to see what these Xcons can do!
  7. Dale Long

    How long did you wait for your last ssa sub order?

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it will be worth the wait, I just didn't want to suffer a 12 hour vacation drive without bass lol. I wish I would have ordered these a few months prior to when I did.
  8. lol yeah guys I know how to wire speakers, I just figured that wiring at half ohm would be too much strain on an amp and my electrical system, 2ohm won't be as harsh. My Audiopipe isn't 1/2 ohm stable.
  9. 2000 BMW 540i Here's the system: -Pioneer 80prs -Clarion eqs746 -Lanzar opti 700x2 -Lanzar opti 250x4 -Audiopipe APCL3000 -(1) XS power AGM D3100 + (2) 105lb 145 ah AGM batteries in the spare tire well -240 alt watercooled alternator Had CSCustoms build me a 5.5 cu ft enclosure tuned to 33hz. Okay, so I guess I can save some money and stick with this AP3000, I was just making sure that it will push these Xcons fine being that I'm giving them under rated. And yes, the dual 12's is all that I can fit, the proper enclosure for them swallowed all of my trunk space, if I would have went with bigger subs I wouldnt have been able to fit the proper enclosure.
  10. No I do not compete, just wanting to make sure that my bass keeps up with my vocals. For vocals I have (4) PRV 10mr1000's + (2) PRV 8mr600's all on about 2500 watts rms. So you think going from 3k rms to about 4k-5k wont be worth it to the ear? I don't care what the car meters, I will never meter it.
  11. Hmm, I didn't think of that, but two 1500's will give me around the same power that I'm currently pushing, which two 2500 or so watt amps can I used that will fit my budget?
  12. Dale Long

    How long did you wait for your last ssa sub order?

    Over 2 months :/, that's what I'm fearing. Yes hopefully they will, but its not looking to good right now lol
  13. Whats going on guys, I'm facing a little dilemma. About a month ago I ordered two SSA Xcon 12's, I was planning on running them on my Audiopipe APCL3000 monoblock, but from what I hear these things are comfortable at a little above their rated power handling (1750 rms each), so I decided that I was going to only used the Audiopipe 3000 to break the subs in, then I will be upgrading to a bigger amp (maybe a 4000-5000 watt monoblock). I ordered my subs at DVC 2ohm so that I could wire them both in series up to 4ohm, then wire the subs together in parallel to give my Audiopipe amp a 2 ohm load, because that's where its stable and makes its power at. But now I can't find anyone who makes a 4000-5000 watt monoblock that makes all of its power at a 2 ohm ohm impedance, most make their's at 1ohm. I know that I can buy a 7k watt or so amp, that will make around my target power at 2 ohm, but that doesnt seem to be the most cost effective route being that an amp of that size will cost way over my budget. My budget is under 1,000. Let me know what you guys recommend, thanks in advance.
  14. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but its the only one where I see it fit. But anyway, I've been waiting since May 3rd for my two 12" SSA Xcons, order status has been at "awaiting shipment" every since then. It is now june 16th, and I feel like driving to the build house in Nevada and helping them build my xcons in order to speed up the process lol. I have been emailing SSA often (sorry to the guys at SSA if I've been a little aggravating lol I've just been very excited to hear these subs) and all they can tell me is "you will have them shortly". Just wondering, for you guys that have maybe placed SSA subwoofer orders either late April, or early May, have you recieve a tracking number yet? Maybe this will give me some type of clue as to when mine might be shipped out. Going on vacation on july 2nd, hoping I could have these subs at least by then :/