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  1. Supa_c

    2 SoundSplinter stickers for sale (rare)

    Tough crowd here, yikes... Any offer is welcome, just trying to make someone happy, not rip them off.
  2. 2 SoundSpinter stickers for sale, for the SoundSpinter fanboi that has to have it all. Highest bidder takes them, had them in my stash for almost 10yrs now, time to liquidate. Came in a letter from Mike Grynik, founder,owner of SS, if you want that too. No pics, no price, sorry, I didn't follow the rules, its been a few years.... Pic on some guys 15" RL-p for reference, stickers look exactly the same http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Mecha-Tama/media/car%20audio/RL-p/IMG_4770.jpg.html
  3. Supa_c

    flowmaster? or another brand?

    If you like drone, get a "flow" master. The mufflers are directly under you in the TC, something less drone like and quiet is better. Or get the exhaust off a marauder, very popular mod and the pipes are pretty nifty.
  4. Supa_c

    wrecks wrecks wrecks

    The best wrecks are taxi's...guaranteed to be some coins under the back seat every time. Its what we like to call a " CC" or change check
  5. Supa_c

    Howdy from BC, Canada

    Another Canuck...literally..w00t.
  6. Supa_c

    18's what's good and what isn't...

    HITB Hey There Ignint Bitch
  7. Supa_c

    My 1996 Acura Integra

    Please toss those altezzas and get some nice stock lights.
  8. Supa_c


    Has the idea of inverting the subs crossed your mind ? I made some enclosures for some ones tacoma extended cab once, they fit in the rear speaker holes and the subs were inverted to save airspace and depth. It worked out pretty well. Looked a bit out of the norm
  9. Supa_c

    Diesel Impala

    Welcome to the USA. European diesels > USA diesels ? For cars, yes For trucks, not really. There are the off few good euro diesel truck engines but the north american ones are brutes.
  10. Supa_c


    1 for each cylinder id hate to see a v12....
  11. Supa_c


    Welcome to 4 years ago. Nothing new. SSA still kicks ass as usual...again..nothing new.
  12. IMO, the Brahma and XXX are the better subwoofers.
  13. Supa_c

    Impossible for a 10 to hit the lows

    then watch them sizzle and pop when they cant take the excursion
  14. Supa_c

    SSA teaser pics of 8" driver

    Its a bit on the deep side...
  15. Supa_c

    I need new headphones.

    return them...der