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    No add to cart

    Looking through the SSA store to place a order for a Twisted sounds 2.8k or Synergy 35.1 and noticed no add to cart tab, does this mean the product is sold out, or no longer available.
  2. Billy Jack

    Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    I used to live in Melvindale myself right behind the big pink best weastern off 94 right past the giant uniroyal tire, if you know Detroit you will know what I'm talking about. I have been down every street in South Gate at one time. I now live in south eastern Kentucky.
  3. Billy Jack

    2001 Civic SDA3 12's 8k

    I think no one will ever know as there always sold out lol. Kind of like Crescendo sold out for over a year.
  4. Billy Jack

    No add to cart

    I contacted mechman and they said they didn't currently have anything for the 12' 1.4 turbo Cruze but said one was in the works. And I emailed singer and never heard a thing back. Also contacted Ohio generator and all they had was a 140amp which is only slightly better then the 110amp the car came with. GP list a 240 amp but they do say it's a custom build. It's always a problem getting alts for these new cars unless it's a V8 chevy or ford.
  5. Billy Jack


    You guys aren't understanding. Have either of you never road in or drove a S-10 there tiny. So when both passenger and driver are leaning on the center console there heads are almost touching, hence their ears are basically in the same place. That and I could just adjust it back to my side if I where alone with the push of a button. And remember I did say (near perfect) cause as close as we set leaning on the armrest the other ear was still a few inches off. Either way it don't matter as the truck and system is long gone I put just over 230k miles on it and let a friend have it on payments. Craziest thing about the truck was the original clutch lasted 250k miles before going out I have no idea how all my other S-10's went out at 100k must have been the low gearing. Lol
  6. No passengers near the audio equipment is my vote. Lol
  7. Billy Jack

    cheaper subs for 2004 jeep grand cherokee

    This will all depend on what you want your sub stage to do. Do you want sound quality, or spl? Do you want to run sealed, or ported? I'm gonna assume since all you have is 300 watts, you would probably want a sub geared more towards sq, and if you can get JL at cost, I would use a single 10W3, they can fit in small boxes and if you wanted to upgrade later, they can take more then 300 watts but don't have to have it to get loud. Now if your wanting as much spl as possible, I would say sound Qubed HDS210 in a ported box as there on sale right now, and hard to beat on budget spl installs.
  8. Billy Jack


    I will have you know it was a single cab 2002 S-10, so a small area and I adjusted the time alignment more to the center, so when the driver, and passenger leaned on the center console it was near perfect. Notice I said NEAR. Before, I had it adjusted solely for the driver, but after my friend said it was off, I sat in the middle and set it that way. Now if we leaned on the door and hung half way out the window, yes it wasn't right. Trust me I know exactly what I'm talking about.
  9. I also use one of the Alpine KTP-445A micro amps, that fits behind your stereo. It's not as strong, as say a regular 4 channel only 45x4, but it did make a difference. They would be great for a bike or side by side.
  10. I have wanted to do a stealth build and mount one of these $20 dollar China amps on the speaker box, and see how many noobs believe all the sound is being supplied by the tiny $20 dollar amp. Not NVX or any of those, I'm talking about these little eBay $20 dollar deals.
  11. Billy Jack

    2002 Ford F-150 Super Crew

    I used a lot of fords just like yours when I was Rodbusting. Bullet proof engines, but expect to replace, or rebuild the tranny at 100-150k miles, if your lucky. But to be fair we did haul a lot of men and wire which adds up when you got 800lbs of steal wire and another 1500lbs of rednecks and Mexicans in them all the time. We drove non stop and always used these trucks and it happened to them all. When we finally got the lariat's with the 5.4 we never had a problem, they all lasted to 200k then we traded them in for new trucks.
  12. Billy Jack


    I had this same problem in my S10 running active 2 way. Every passenger would ask why the music sounded slightly delayed on there side. I was running the Alpine 9887 HU and the time alignment made it sound perfect on the drivers side, but left a delay on the passenger side. I finally adjusted it out, and added a amp and you couldn't hear it anymore.
  13. Billy Jack

    No add to cart

    I think I'm gonna just order my subs or sub now, and while I'm waiting for it to be built save a little more money and just get the ampere 3800, or 5k and a high output alt from gp audio, as they are the only place that list one for the 2012 Cruze turbo. 2 12" inch evils on a ampere 5k sounds like a good idea. I plugged the numbers on 12volt's box calculator, and I have just over 5 cubic foot net, after port and .18 displacement, so they should fit, may be a tad small but I can always invert them I guess. Ok thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it. And if Aaron reads this, I will place my order in a day or two when I have a free moment. #CruzeEvil
  14. Billy Jack

    Modeling Midbass Drivers 6.5"-7"

    Honestly, I would keep what you got if they still function properly. Unless you just have money burning a hole through your pocket you aren't gonna notice enough of a difference to justify the cost. But I could be wrong I have'nt used any of those speakers but I have used plenty others and never notice much when switching out, unless your going from a pyramid, to a focal or something. As long as there pretty comparable, I would just focus on install, and feeding them lots of good clean power.
  15. Billy Jack

    No add to cart

    Also, do you guys think the Ampere 3500, or 2k would be a good match for a 12" inch evil? I would imagine the 3500 would be plenty, but what about the 2k just to get me up and running, and strap another 2k later? Right now I have about $1400 I'm gonna set aside for a sub and amp. Also this is going into the trunk of my 2012 chevy Cruze. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, just trying to get some opinions as I haven't ran much of this new stuff. Don't want to order products over a stack and them not be ran properly.
  16. Billy Jack

    No add to cart

    Ok thanks Aaron that's what I thought. I would imagine you guys are slinging some product it being tax time, I know I am. May just save a little more and go ampere. Do you think they will have steady supply as I don't want to end up in the same situation I did with Crescendo. Bought one and never could find another BC3500 when I had the extra cash. I may want to add another later so just getting some info.
  17. Billy Jack

    Intro, with help topic

    All you need is a power wire or two ran back to the batteries in parralel and ground it in the trunk or hatch in your case. That's how I have my XS power batts and I didn't need anything but a couple of ring terminals.
  18. Billy Jack

    Any FI audio coupon codes???

    I don't think FI has enough mark up to accept coupons. Where else can you buy a neo sub that can take 4-5k all day for $500 shipped?
  19. Sencheezy is his screen name he has a Video up on YouTube and in the description it gives a code for 10% off a evil on the SSA store that's who I thought we where talking about.
  20. Is he not the guy who became Americas first taramps dealer. He himself had the blazer I think it was with 6 evils and 2 30k taramps on 240volt. I could have swore his name was shizzon? It's been a couple of months since I spoke with him he's a African American gentleman real good guy.
  21. Went and had a look at the VE audio and yes there some little things and not very exspensive for sq equipment. $249 for a 650watt amp isn't to bad about midrange pricing to me. What's a Audiocontrol or Hertz 600 watt amp $400+?
  22. Yes I have spoke to Shizzon a few times on here, and you tube. That SUV of his with all the Evil's, and tartamps is a bad bitch. Did not know his real name was Sean. Is everyone besides me on SSA named Sean? Lol
  23. I have also used the Alpine PDX M12 and it was a good little amp to. I don't think it was as efficient as the JL but close. I had the same car for both amps and the Alpine came first so the electrical should have been better, but I got more voltage drop with the Alpine. But I was wired at 1ohm instead of the 3ohm the JL is wired to not sure if that matters on regulated amps as much.
  24. I have never heard of VE audio, is that a abbreviation for something, or is that the actual name? And yes with such small size amps, and no real heat sinks, a fan is probably needed for full tilt play. That or there using less then top shelf parts with less then stellar heat ratings, but I can't say which as I have not had any experience with them.