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  1. XxedgarxX

    sundown lincoln

    waht problem are you suggesting that will solve? maybe im wrong but when you have your trunk closed it creates a different pressure that shakes the box and bolting the box might transfer the energy to the body of the car. problem cracked parts on amp side note have you ever meter how loud is in the trunk ?
  2. XxedgarxX

    sundown lincoln

    do you have your box strapped or bolted down ? if not maybe that will fix the problem :/
  3. i think you want this http://www.electronix.com/35mm-male-one-female-adapter-cable-p-5109.html?osCsid=n2i4kmhcl3p32qu3ffmu083ci5
  4. XxedgarxX


    so temping lol. sorry the gf said no :/ and for me to use the ones that i have in the closet
  5. XxedgarxX

    Metered the hccas for the first time :)

  6. XxedgarxX

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    lol nice. videos please
  7. XxedgarxX

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    2 more 5ks ?
  8. glad you figured it out
  9. found this from another website with Alpine's tech support and it seems that I wasn't the first one to inquire on this because he handed me the answer straight away. The KCE-236B is only compatible with 2008+ models which the 9887 is not, (even though they say it is on the web site...). Anyway, the HU needs to have the AUX+ option on it and the 9887 doesn't so I have to go with the RCA adapter it seems and then a converter to a headphone jack. According to Grampi in the previous post that doesn't seem to work so good either so it seems I'll have to get an Ipod... Next time, I'll call Alpine before buying any addon product I can't find any clear info on. Thanks everybody!
  10. well thanks for showing what cables im buying for my next install
  11. hopefully im not saying this wrong but here it goes.... isnt this the same reason they (people) compare the corvette zr1 against the other sports cars ferrari and so on? il go back and hide
  12. XxedgarxX


    boredom could be the cause
  13. XxedgarxX

    installed my new mechman 300 AMp

    yeah thats awesome
  14. XxedgarxX

    installed my new mechman 300 AMp

    idk but i looks louder
  15. XxedgarxX

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    nice scores i want to see a 30hz lol