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    [I'm a noob, needing help. =p]

    So.. I decided to do this.. My cousin has two 12" pioneers in his basement, so i think I AM A use those until i can save up some more money to buy sound sound splinters. =D but.. I AM A' need an amp. he said that the subs are about 1000 watts each, so i'm going to need to buy an amp that supports 2000 watts..? so my next question is.. where can a buy a good amp that will power these two 12" subs? i like.. want a really good one so that.. when i work enough money for the sound splinters, i can just switch the pioneers for the sound splinters and hopefully get really good sound quality/power.. i think so.. i'm expecting to pay around.. 200-300 for a good amp anybody got any suggestions?
  2. miKooooo

    [I'm a noob, needing help. =p]

    alright, i narrowed my decision down a lil' so far, i'm just willing to spend about a grand my tsx has a pretty big trunk, so i don't think space would be any problem this dude did an estimate for the stuff that i need.. he said two 10" sound sprinters = 400 box = 100 wires = 50 installation = 150 amp = 200 total = about 900'ish..? and that sounds just about right shiit dude, my current deck.. it's one of those built in ones so i'll probably have to get a new one.. and i heard from some people that like.. they're gonna have to tear out the whole front of the car. =/ that's gonna be expensive right? but for sound quality, that's most important i don't really care about loudness and for sound spinters, i heard they got the best of both worlds they're both loud, and kicks major ass in sound quality.
  3. alright so.. i've been saving up money for almost half a year now and i really wanna get a good set for my car but the thing is, i have no idea what parts i should buy that best suites my car i drive a 2004 acura tsx i've been hearing from my friends that i should go w/ sound spinters so, i am but the thing is.. what do i all need? i have no experience w/ subs or anything of that matter so far.. i'm considering getting two 10"s? good or bad choice? but i heard the 8"s were badass. and that's as far as i've thought of no idea of what amp, or if my car can even use the subs w/out changing my deck anybody know any info that can help me out?