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  1. just seen that soundsplinter is no more

    Yes my kicker amp was bench tested at 1152rms at 2ohm. I'm wondering if I can just replace the tinsel leads which I think that's the issue as I see burns around them. Could I jump them to see if the sub still powers up? I've go a kid now so I want thump but nothing that will kill him lol. I think the 600 to 750 watt range is fine.
  2. just seen that soundsplinter is no more

    Well fix my speaker is out. They cannot work with a subwoofer that has a 2.4id voice coil. Looks like I'll be in the market for a new sub. Looking into sundown, re, or dd. Want to be under 300. Not looking to kill the streets but I want quality. Killing the sub was my own doing. I ran 1152rms@2ohms thru it and it was only rated at 500rms. Kept it turn down but I did ramp it up a few times. I'm only looking to run 600rms. I like the sound of the single 10 but maybe I'll go to a single 12 now. Sucks cuz in just built a new box for the 10 lol
  3. just seen that soundsplinter is no more

    I mean 75 forma cone or 250 for a lower end competition sub. My rl-i10 was 215 plus shipping which was 243 total. Trying to keep the cost down. Just got divorced and dropped 21k in her hand, 5200 on the roof of my house, 1600 for my truck but i running a mtx 6000 i bought in 2000 that jve glued back together hahaha.
  4. just seen that soundsplinter is no more

    Yeah I know it won't be fully the same. As long as it hits as hard as it did lol. Waiting on a reply from them.
  5. just seen that soundsplinter is no more

    Never mind i googled them. Sending an email
  6. just seen that soundsplinter is no more

    Can you send info to michaelbeck2986@gmail.com ? Id rather not buy another sub if it can be fixed. I was actually wanting another rl-i10. Thank guys!
  7. So i went to power up my sub i bought over 6 years ago and i see its not working. Jump on to email to send it in and i see on the site its outnof business. Sucks big time. I take it this cant be rebuilt by anyone. Any advice would help. Thanks.