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  1. Not trolling, I actually have a pair of both. Just didn't want to jam up the board with too many questions. I hoped I could get some info on both speakers and then make a better informed decision on which subs would work best for him. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Have a question some of the old-school guys might be able to help out with. A friend of mine has no bass in his 98 Explorer right now. He wants something, but is on a very tight budget. I have had a new pair of old-school 15" MTX ThunderPro 750 watt subs tucked away in my laundry room. The ones with the red rubber surround. Don't ask me how I obtained them. LOL. I offered them up, and of course he accepted. My problem is, even though they are new and still taped up in their original boxes, there was no paperwork/specs with them. Does anyone know anything about these subs? How much box volume do they need? Do they like a sealed or ported enclosure? Etc. Just trying to help my buddy get some bass in his ride. Since I will be assembling the enclosure, I need all the help I can get.
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    Great looking message board. I currently have some very basic car audio knowledge, but hope to learn a lot more from this site and apply it to my installs.
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    How did you guys find SSA???

    Saw this site mentioned on another car audio message board and swung over to check it out. Great site!!