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  1. WTB: 12" GCON DVC 4ohm

    I've been wanting one forever, but they haven't been available in...forever. So if anyone has one, let me know. Has to be 4ohm. Thanks!
  2. SSA Forum members special on Evil6.5's

    slikrider20@gmail.com 2 Aaron, I am determined to get these to fit in my 02 GP. Do you know if these would pair with my Morel Tempo tweeters well? I planning on running it active with an 80PRS. If not, what tweeters are you guys using with these badboys? (car audio application, of course) If anyone has installed a 6.5" speaker in a Grand Prix let me know. I'm having difficulty getting it to fit right while not hitting the window track or the outer door panel.
  3. FS: SSA Dcon 12" S4

    I have a 12" SSA DCON for sale. It is a single 4ohm version, and is the newer model. The only reason i'm selling is to upgrade to a GCON since I have a little more power to play with now. Thanks for looking! $90+shipping