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  1. slikrider20

    GCON replacement ETA?

    Much excite!
  2. slikrider20

    GCON replacement ETA?

  3. you got PM. got it all designed for ya already.
  4. slikrider20

    GCON replacement ETA?

    Yeah buddy! Could you estimate when the dcon replacement 12 will be out? consider it sold already!
  5. slikrider20

    GCON replacement ETA?

  6. I might just have to try them out, granted they would only be getting 275 watts a piece with my current amp. It looks like 3cf @ 34hz seems to be recommended for an optimal ported enclosure for 2.
  7. I have about 3.5 cubes available, I know the nvx stuff is decent, I have their xsp65 mids and they are fantastic. Has anyone actually heard those nvx subs?
  8. I don't normally make these threads but.....(says every guy ever...:D) Anyways, right now I have a 12" DCON getting 350wrms from an Alpine MRX M55 subwoofer amp. The amp will do up to 550wrms @ 2ohm so i'm looking to find a subwoofer that will do well with that power, and would obviously need to be single 2 ohm or dual 4. I absolutely love this sub, but i'm just ready to try something new with more output, and all the affordable- to- me SSA subs that do well with this power aren't in stock yet. I have a 2002 Grand Prix and the current box I have is 2.25cf @ 30hz. I can build a box up to around 3.5cf with the space I have, and I want something that works well ported in up to that size (or smaller, of course) I don't need anything competition worthy, I just want something that sounds clean, and hits the low notes (30-40hz or so) well, and of course that would work well with 500 watts or so. Basically my Dcon on steroids, if you will. I'm trying to spend under $200 but if it's closer to $250 it won't be a deal breaker. So far, i've been looking at the American Bass XFL series, DC level 2, and the Soundqubed HDS series. But i'm open to anything, must be an SQ oriented sub that does well ported. I'm really leaning towards getting a 15 as well to help try and get that output that I so desperately need.
  9. They do need crossed at 3.15 or they will start distorting, but for the price, I don't think you can beat them.
  10. slikrider20

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I ended up getting it back about 6 months later, but somehow they managed to fry the surround so it needs a recone. I can't wait for the new DCON!
  11. slikrider20

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I think someone on caraudio forum recommended I get a dcon. I hadn't heard of them at the time, but long story short I took their advice and was blown away. As soon as I heard the Dcon I told myself i'd never buy any other sub...i'm just still bummed they aren't in stock anymore! I started with the dcon 10, it get stolen along with the box i built for it, so I upgraded to a Dcon 12 and still have it to this day.
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/pair-alpine-HIEND-28MM-dome-car-tweeter-4ohm-50W-vifa-XT25-PK-scanspeak-seas/222186264721?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 They were the tweeters found in the Old Alpine Type X pro comp set. They are 1.25" ring radiator tweeter so they are pretty big. I have them crossed at 3.15khz @ 24db. You just can't beat them for 40 bucks shipped to your door. Here's a little before/after what it looked like once it was all fabbed up to fit in my factory location.
  13. I've owned several different tweeters over the last few months.. (Seas Neo, Alpine Pro, Morel) and for $40 you CAN'T beat the Alpines. They sound great on axis and off axis but honestly on axis is where they really shine. Not harsh at all. They blend well with my NVX XSP 6.5's crossed at 3.15hz running active.
  14. slikrider20

    WTB: 12" GCON DVC 4ohm

    I've been wanting one forever, but they haven't been available in...forever. So if anyone has one, let me know. Has to be 4ohm. Thanks!
  15. slikrider20

    SSA Forum members special on Evil6.5's

    slikrider20@gmail.com 2 Aaron, I am determined to get these to fit in my 02 GP. Do you know if these would pair with my Morel Tempo tweeters well? I planning on running it active with an 80PRS. If not, what tweeters are you guys using with these badboys? (car audio application, of course) If anyone has installed a 6.5" speaker in a Grand Prix let me know. I'm having difficulty getting it to fit right while not hitting the window track or the outer door panel.