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  1. Crescendo 5500 and a team sundown 18.

    Magnum..I see you are in Milton, Fl. I am in Crestview, Fl. We should get together and checkout each others system.
  2. Taramps HD3000 on ebay for $350.
  3. Taramp's HD 3000 for $350 on ebay. I have the HD10000 and HD8000 beating the shit out of two single 18 inch SP4.
  4. Into

    Guys...I thought one SP4 for the other Escalade was all I wanted...Well ordered a second one this morning. Time to start designing a box.
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    Thanks...After the warranty was up a day later I had to put some pound in...After putting the pound in, I was how did I drove without it so long..
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    Thanks for all the welcome
  7. Into

    The sounds great, rattle was an issue, but I removed the interior panels and added sound deaden on the sheet metal and interior panels. Rattles gone..
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