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  1. so have my meter set to ohms and do a since wave of same hz? watch meter while doing this and what volume should i try this at at? and can i do it at the amp or just to the input speaker leads from subs. So just wire it back to normal for music when not doing spl tests.. wish my amp was stable for playing music wired at .5 so i could get more power to them instead of 400rms each ugh need bigger better equipment
  2. hey by the way thank you all for responding and helping me, ive not been online few days so forgive my late response here
  3. the mic was on dash when it did 142db and then 136db with it on dash sealed, when the clamp was done it was done using a burp at 36hz and thats what my system gets its loudest with, the guy has a tool thats used for everyone to place meter on window and ive got a meter thats been calibrated with termlab that dave proulx sells and ive tested before show and was showing same db but wanted to make sure and it was right on with termlab. I have done a ohm test with subs and it shows 2.2ohms. If i take my voltage up to around 14.9v would this maybe help and work on two new batterys and bigger amp alternator. how do i find what subs are rising too? because at rest with subs not being played for hours there at 2.2ohms wired together
  4. so i went to spl show and wanted to see what my two sq hds200 dual 2ohm that is wired for a 2ohm load and even checked them with d.m.m and shows 2.1ohms but my mtx thunder 1501d older style no elite suppose to do 1500wrms@2ohms with 14.4volts has 2gauge welding wire and at the car audio show it only clamped 844watts. Im wondering why is this and is there something im missing here and how to fix this to get my wattage up because my spl score in my 00 s10 ext cab was only 142.3 on dash http://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=15579&Method=1000 name is david downs i entered the hardcore truck so i could have door open driver side and then unlimited car truck 0-2500w sealed dash was 136.4db. Help me please. I have only one battery and a ad244 alternator 145amp with all manual windows/locks blah blah
  5. ftj_85

    s10 ext cab upgrade! wut?

    so for my 2000 s10 extended cab i did tone generator today i sweeped and did one at a time on spl meter and found that 36hz is my highest spl reading and its 142.3db driver door open and other windows closed. does that even come close to what my best resonant freq is?
  6. ftj_85

    s10 ext cab upgrade! wut?

    subs on certain songs not good but with a 35hz tone it did well, im surprised from entry subs
  7. ftj_85

    s10 ext cab upgrade! wut?

    so tested the system out today and with driver door open and meter on passenger window best i did was a 141.5db so i guess for 2-10 hds200 with mtx thunder 1501d not to bad
  8. ftj_85

    2005 Silverado crew cab

    hey i wanna say nice build and i bet that hits stupid loud.. good work and box looks good
  9. ftj_85

    mmats mpa2300?

    so box is port up and subs up with port almost in between from seats alignment wise , 2" wide portx13" deep and interior box space before port for two 10s is 3.14cubic ft and port isnt designed like the kerf style just a slot port double 3/4 baffle and shared chamber
  10. ftj_85

    sq hds210? Help with concerns

    okay makes since,thanks for tip
  11. ftj_85

    mmats mpa2300?

    Well I just got two 10" hds200 and using a mtx thunder1501d and I've tuned and yeh its got louder now but I'm guessing it may be high 130s touching 140db but I'd like to change to set of 12s and want them to hit hard hard and go little lower then the f/s 37 on hds200. I'd even change amp to a sq3500 or like so I could at least double my power ,just want more air and hit most notes I listen to..hip-hop and decafe stuff. I doubt I'll keep the mats since power wise isn't enough
  12. ftj_85

    mmats mpa2300?

    Guys i didnt mean to get any trouble going, makes since to use same amps for subs.. Ill just do whats right and redo my stereo and match it up. Folks i cant describe how much i appreciate each and everyone of you on helping me here
  13. ftj_85

    sq hds210? Help with concerns

    well bad thing is i have a company called blu and its the studio 6.0hd and friend used his iphone6 and made huge difference and was first time seeing the front passenger side window wiper jump lol. could i have bad files ? this is getting irritating
  14. ftj_85

    mmats mpa2300?

    okay instead of pieced together mess.. thanks zcon subs like you have which model you got?
  15. ftj_85

    mmats mpa2300?

    would i have to clamp each amp to get almost the same output on both to get all subs too play right?