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  1. Quick16tt

    Hello & Intro

    Cheers thanks for the helpful information. I will go with the doors only for now and put some second skin on them. I have always ran the stock speaker wire in the doors and just tied in behind the deck. I don't wanna be that guy that worries about every little number but some local people suggest 16 gauge in the doors??
  2. Quick16tt

    Hello & Intro

    Looking at the Evil 6.5 midbass, possibly just wait it out for the tweeter to come out also and complete the set .
  3. Quick16tt

    Hello & Intro

    I looked around some other Car Audio sites and this was by far the best. I will start on the front stage first here soon. Plan is a 6.5 components in the doors and Q-Logic Kick Panels with 6.5 components. I won't use the Kicker 6.5 as I won't find another set from the 90s anytime soon for a good price.
  4. Quick16tt

    Hello & Intro

    90s were the golden era for me in the car audio world. Had 3 12" W6 for about a year then went back to the Solo Barics. Plan now is to use 2 10" Subs possibly 4 in the future. Couple sealed boxes .66cu should be plenty good. Need to order some second skin and work the doors for the component install.
  5. Quick16tt

    Hello & Intro

    Hello everyone, I am just getting back in to car audio after 18 years . I have a 95 Accord Wagon that I am slowly building. Most of my equipment is from the mid to late 90s lol. I was a Kicker fan boy back then. Here is what I currently own, HeadUnit- Pioneer DEH-P9200 Subs- 12 NIB 10" Kicker Solo Barics (old round c series and d series) Components- 6.5 Kicker Resolution Series. Only item installed is the Pioneer Headunit. Big 3 is done and have ran 1/0 to the trunk.