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  1. New build for the gmc sierra

    Here's the 8's on 24k. Lol they are not happy about it...18's next week
  2. New build for the gmc sierra

    Right now I have 2 taramp 12ks on 8 skaraudio zvx 8's no smell yet or smoke but they are being pushed to there limits. I will post a video today of them playing daily
  3. New build for the gmc sierra

    The subs would not be able to handle that much power daily at full tilt,but if gains are set and enclosure is right they can handle some power.kinda like a street race car on the street,if you drive it normal she will last alot longer than ridding around with the foot to the floor all day.lol
  4. New build for the gmc sierra

    My ultimate goal for this truck is as close to 165db daily driver..have made it to 163 db so far with a similar box,1 taramp 10.9k, and 2 soundqubed hdc4 18's. So once the wall is in with the power I have it should be realistic. ..all of my trials and errors over the past 10 yrs are finally coming together. Should be a blast
  5. New build for the gmc sierra

    Thanks. .not bad for a days work. The port in the pic is for burping at 58 to 60 hrtz. I'm building a slip in areo port for daily play around 32 to 34 hrtz.unlike many of my competitors in my class I like to play my music,never will I build just a big fart machine..lol. Also after world finals I will be adding 2 more 18's and 2 more taramp 12k bass amps..just going to build another box like this slide it on top and seal it off for my wall,should be very loud then.
  6. New build for the gmc sierra

    Going to be digital design 9918 supercharged with a 12k taramp on each one @ o.5 ohm...should be back to my 160's without any problems. Keep you updated..
  7. New build for the gmc sierra

    Well is going to be 18's again...just finished box
  8. New build for the gmc sierra

    I like the idea of all the 16 8's Pyle driving in a flat wall,but I also have to be competitive in my competition class..just hard decisions..
  9. New build for the gmc sierra

    The 8's have surpassed everyone's expectations including mine..I am not new to the spl world but right now the 8's are at there mechanical limit. A wall of 16 8's on 24k would be different and have a cool factor of being unique. But the 18's with room for 2 more 18's will have alot more capabilities. These 8's have proven alot of people wrong so far..as it numbers on the meter and how low they can play..daily port is tuned to 34 hrtz. .but like I said they are at there limit right now,so I'm heavily leaning toward the 18's
  10. New build for the gmc sierra

    Leaning more towards the 18's cause I cn wall it off later and run 4 18's and 4 taramp 12ks
  11. New build for the gmc sierra

    New video of the 8's on my new taramp 12k bass.I just purchased two of these amps.plans where to put both 12k's on 16 zvx 8's. ...or run 2 sundown zv5 18's on both 12k's. ..what should I do...16 8's 24k..or 2 18's 24k..?
  12. New build for the gmc sierra

    Got some new number
  13. New build for the gmc sierra

    A short video with the crescendo 12k on the 8's
  14. New build for the gmc sierra

    Did very similar to the taramp hd 8k.
  15. New build for the gmc sierra

    Tried a new amp on the 8's today