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  1. Crescendo BC 3500 or Soundquebed 4500??

    They both work and both ran on good electrical, if I were to open the soundquebed and look at its guts what would I be looking for?
  2. Hello there I own a crescendo bc 3500 and someone has offered to trade their sound quebed 4500 for my BC 3500 is this a fair trade or a mistake ?
  3. New amp under 300$?

    That's going to be pretty sick once it's done you should post a video on YouTube or something. The amps they sell at ssa like the shark 2500 do you think that's any good?
  4. New amp under 300$?

    That's bad ass how much you pay for the subs? Do you know if the massive 4000 block amps are any good???
  5. New amp under 300$?

    on the ct sounds. T-1500 do you know if the amp has had any defects??? I know that the old ones like the 7k and the 1400 white ones were burning up and I guess there boards inside weren't stable and they were breaking with the vibration of the bass not sure if they made improvements on em over the years I really want one of those but I'm not sure due to the bad reviews in the past
  6. New amp under 300$?

    Orion skar audio or the new t1500 ct sounds any good?
  7. New amp under 300$?

    Is the new T-1500 ct sounds or Skar audio any good?what about orion??
  8. New amp under 300$?

    The amp will be at 1 ohm for my one 12
  9. New amp under 300$?

    Big three upgrade 750 xs battery Fi q 12 Neo 2017 3 cubic feet ported box I want LOUD nd quality bass
  10. Looking for a new amp under 300$? Any good suggestions?
  11. Any FI audio coupon codes???

    Okay thanks guys
  12. Any FI audio coupon codes???

    Does anybody have or know of any FI audio coupon codes? Currently trying to purchase the new FI q neo 12 wondering if there was a chance I could save my self some money hahaha thanks.