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  1. 19 hours ago, Billy Jack said:

    I have also heard the massive where decent little amps probably get close to rated anyways. I started to buy one of the nano's to run my 13w7 but just ended up getting the HD1200/1. 

    That's going to be pretty sick once it's done you should post a video on YouTube or something. The amps they sell at ssa like the shark 2500 do you think that's any good?

  2. 1 hour ago, Billy Jack said:

    Yes they had some trouble with those 7k's, but I haven't heard anything about the 1400.1. I just ordered a DC audio 2k and 2 lvl 4 12's myself. I had thought about evils, but I can't get a ho alt so can't go that big, and SE gave me a great deal so I couldn't pass it up. Basically the same price as soundqubed on sale, but DC instead. That and I didn't want to wait 3 or more months for subs. Oh well at least I will have my work car up and banging but I wish I could have ran the evils. 

    That's bad ass how much you pay for the subs? Do you know if the massive 4000 block amps are any good???

  3. 6 minutes ago, Billy Jack said:

    Orion is ok but not what it used to be and I like CT sounds they make nice amps but I would run away from anything skar. Heard a lot of bad stuff on skar, and I usually take bad reviews as maybe right, maybe not, but when there hundreds or even thousands of bad stories of people getting burned I assume it's probably true. 

    on the ct sounds. T-1500 do you know if the amp has had any defects??? I know that the old ones like the 7k and the 1400 white ones were burning up and I guess there boards inside weren't stable and they were breaking with the vibration of the bass not sure if they made improvements on em over the years I really want one of those but I'm not sure due to the bad reviews in the past