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  1. Ernestgary

    Passive Radiator tuning calculation

    No prob bob was just wondering
  2. Ernestgary

    Passive Radiator tuning calculation

    How much weight did you end up using on each of your pr's
  3. Ernestgary

    Port too long?

    Thanks a lot for the responses maby I'll tune a bit higher that will help with my port length. What about 135 square inches of port being enough? I will be running a scv 4000 on my sub, I know that I won't be getting 4000 watts out of it on the count of only having a 130 amp alt. Do you guys think that 135in is enough
  4. Ernestgary

    Port too long?

    Sorry about that, I'm just worried that my port will be too long and I may introduce resonance from it being over 40" long
  5. Ernestgary

    Port too long?

    I'm afraid of my port being too long.i am by no means an expert but here is what I got... 1 team fi 18v2- 1 scv 4000 a couple of extra battery's 130 amp alt stock "mechman 270 soon" big 3-dual runs of 0 through out my box whic isnt built yet is 24t-24d-44w with a slot port 22.5x6" I'm wanting to tune to 28 for lows. I want it to be fairly loud but it's no big deal if it isn't I just don't want a boomy box tuned to 40 lol. Any way with a tuning of 28 and that size box I figured around 12 cubes before port-and with the port being 46 or so inches long I'll land near 8cubes after port. which puts me near 28 hearts or so... problem is with a port that long will I run into resonance problems if I set my crossover around 70-80 hz and is 135 square inches of port large enough thank you for any reply and constructive criticism is welcome oh and also it's going in a 2009 Nissan Murano