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  1. Ideas for my System

    So I replaced both my Infinity kappa 120.9w 12 inch subwoofers with an SSA ICON 12 inch subwoofer. I am seriously impressed. In a small sealed enclosure this beast gets louder than both and is more accurate. This is out of the box. The Infinity subwoofers had a year of break in for comparison. I couldn't believe the stiffness either. Just enough give to convince me that this sub wasn't frozen. I've only had it for three days so far. This sub has a noticeable change of performance each day. The lower notes have the most change, becoming more prominent with every session. The sub excels in playing lower frequencies around 25 hz to 63 hz which is honestly my sweet spot. I listen to a lot of EDM and Hip Hop. However, jazz and orchestral pieces sound just as well. This monster is fast. Every bass note, every drop, every phase, and every punch is felt precisely where she wants it. This sub knows how to recapitulate the files I'm feeding her. Clean is the new sexy and this sub is very sexy. I'm a very happy customer. Qualitatively, the sub feels like it has solid thermal handling. I play the subwoofer for two to three hours full tilt and she gets moderately warm to the touch. I don't have an actual readout as to the temperature, but imagine touching a puddle of water after a heavy rain followed by a sunny day. 1 more please?
  2. Ideas for my System

    So taking this into account here is my idea. First, there are factory locations that are about two inches above ankle level in the bottom left corner of the door (facing the door). I could make a baffle of my own and mount any size speaker to that area, there is enough space. I also have room for door pods if I heavily modify my door. There is room more towards the center of the door for a door pod at the same height. I would rather not mount any speakers above this point as having speakers blasting any nearer to ear level sounds like a bad idea, but you may have a different opinion and I'm all ears (literally :D). Not only that, but there is some cool OEM carpet set in the doors I'd like to keep. I do not believe I have enough room for a kick panel (at least safely placed away from feet). Now for the speaker(s) in question. Since I already have a couple of rockford fosgate tweeters that are off axis and which I have tuned for a nice bright sound, I was thinking about replacing my current 6.5" drivers for these 8" midbass oriented drivers: https://www.amazon.com/Rockford-Fosgate-PPS4-8-MidRange-Speakers/dp/B00M34TI36/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1491769285&sr=8-3&keywords=PPS4-8+rockford+fosgate. The frequency response range is about 80-5,000 hz for these speakers and their SPL numbers are about where I want them (94.5). P.S. Just in case the url isn't stable it is the PPS4-8 offered by rockford fosgate. Now there is an alternative within the same company for 10" speakers here: http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/pps4-10. This speaker name is PPS4-10. It has a sensitivity of 96 with 40hz-4,000hz. Keep in mind that my subwoofer will be an ICON and the current tweeters are these: http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/p1t-s. The tweeters have a sensitivity of 90, and that's plenty loud for me as far as tweeters go. I actually have them backed down a bit, but they are loud enough. Their frequency response range are as follows: 3.5kHz-22kHz. Currenly my 6XS Audiocontrol external crossover has a crossover point for my front stage. I have the point set as thus: 250hz low pass and 2,800 high pass. I know you guys know the details, but I'm gonna go ahead and explain it so you may have the opportunity to correct me if I am wrong. 250 hz is the lowest frequency that the midrange woofers will ever see and 2,800 is the highest they'll see. Consequently, 2,800 hz is the lowest the tweeters will see. I can change this to fit any application, so depending on the speaker... I was gonna lower the 250 hz to 63 hz for the 10" or so with a 24 db cut off. I figured a steep slope will be appropriate since the ICON seem to have a solid ability to take over from there. For the 8" I was gonna make a 80hz with a 24 db cutt off as well, however I'm not familiar with the ICON enough to make that call. I feel as I write, the 10" is a much better pick. However, I'm open to suggestions. Thoughts?
  3. SSA ICON Series Amplifiers **ALL NEW!!**

    Oooh, a 4-channel amp from SSA would be great to have for future upgrades. I'll be keeping tabs on this news!
  4. Ideas for my System

    Please elaborate, why exactly would you think that?
  5. Ideas for my System

    Once I sound deaden I'll get back to you on that. First I want to see the level of improvement that my door speakers will experience with sound deadening, new and more appropriate mounting, as well as speaker tweakers. Thank you for your help, stay tuned.
  6. Ideas for my System

    I definitely agree with you on that one. The passive crossovers I had been using for my Rockford fosgate tweeters had melted casings when I replaced the system with an active crossover. Thank goodness the tweeters were fine, but the smell was what tipped me off. I understand the push for simplicity and the two-way crossover, I'm basically running one right now with the removal of my rear 6x9's. My next step is sound deadening for the doors. Then I want to add an 8 inch to boost the power afterwards. I'm considering putting the 8 inch in the doors next to the driver and passenger seats of the car. Does that help narrow down your list of recommendations?
  7. Streaming music

    I know many students where I'm from love to use Spotify. You might want to try that out. Soundcloud is also a great place to listen to streamed music.
  8. Ideas for my System

    Could you make some suggestions for 8" midbass drivers you prefer for a three way active set up?
  9. How did you guys find SSA???

    I was pouring through forums looking for lists of high quality audio equipment and the name SSA popped up on a google search. Clicked and here we are!
  10. Ideas for my System

    Good advice. It depends on how one sub sounds. I'm considering getting neopro V2 midbass 8'' drivers . They get down to about 60hz, but I'll probably cut them off higher with my active crossover because it will be on the factory mount.
  11. Ideas for my System

    Thank you for your response, this is very helpful.
  12. Ideas for my System

    Oh, I assumed too much! How do you wire it up at 2 ohms? Is it a standard wiring schematic like the following: Credit to Crutchfield.com
  13. Ideas for my System

    Unfortunately the Icon only comes in 1ohm and 2ohm dual voice coils. This would require me to wire up my Alpine MRX110 amp at 1ohm either way and the amp's mono block circuitry isn't the best for a 1 ohm load. It only has an output of 800 watts RMS at that load and I'm unsure how quickly it would heat up, but I assume too quickly.
  14. Ideas for my System

    This seems to be a popular idea for my setup as it is now. Right now my front stage has a combined RMS wattage ratting of 400. My subwoofers get a combined 1200 watts RMS. I'll keep your power rating rule of thumb in mind as I figure out what front stage speakers I want to use. Thank you for your input!
  15. Ideas for my System

    I have the current drivers mounted on the factory location inside the door panels. The tweeters are also mounted on their factor location above the current drivers. I'm unsure yet where I'll mount the new drivers. I'm not deadset, though I'd like to have the subwoofers, mids, and tweeters to have their own dedicated auxillary outputs. The head unit has three sets of preouts for subwoofers, mids, and highs.