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  1. 1 hour ago, Aaron Clinton said:

    I would extend a combo discount if you wanted to order a number of items from the SSA Store. 

    Thanks Aaron. Was just looking at this. Not sure if displacement is before or after sub? But I think she could live with a decent pair of 10's. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/2002-to-2013-dodge-ram-quad-and-crew-cab-truck-dual-sub-box/. Link says error after I pasted.

  2. 1 hour ago, Randal Johnson said:

    Since you’re on the SSA site, don’t think you can go wrong with the SSA 2 way components, 4 channel, SSA sub and mono block.

    Just Saying

    Yea I agree. I was looking at some of these prefab boxes and I saw .71 cubes after displacement for the sub. And most want a shallow mount. Might do a single 12. And 2 way active for the front. Might just give me an excuse to try out the evil mids. As far as tuning or even setting it up I've never done active. But I've got a buddy that knows how to set it up.im just forking out the money. My new job pays great. But working swings limits my free time with the kid running around.

  3. This isn't going to be a huge build just something as a stock upgrade with a little bit of kick for the old lady. I want it as simple as I can get. Probably going with a five channel amp just for the ease of the install and eyeing the sundown 1100.5 I believe 150x4 at 2 ohms for the fronts and 800x1 for the sub channel. Probably a sealed truck box. Only doing front doors and preferably 2 12's if they fit and there's enough airspace. Any ideas what will sound decent with that power? By no means will it ever compete. Just a little bump and clarity.

  4. 16 hours ago, Randal Johnson said:

    Ok, so when I'm just getting started good, this happens ...


    So here we are, ready for fiber glass.


    I will get back to them ASAP.

    I will say this, my mids playing by there lonesome is telling me that those doors need to be treated ASAP for sure !!!

    They are next !!!

    That's an oops!

  5. Well I had my heart set on evils but they are no more for now. So probably team FI subs. I was hoping to swing buying them for myself for black friday but I can wait. Mabey by the time I'm ready the new evil replacements will be here. And thanks. A long way to go still

  6. Stashing more away till spring. And saving up for some new subs. All in time. But I do need to get a demo vid at least. Mabey before the end of this weekend. So much going on around the holidays

  7. It's in and playing. Made it to one show. The voltage holds pretty amazing with the singer alt. Second Northstar 220 is in. Best score managed was a 149.7 on the dash at 38 with drivers door open. Still has zero sound deadaner (ordering some this week to take advantage of the black friday sales). I need to get a video of it playing but since I run everything thro my phone I can't get video at the same time. As of now it's parked in my garage till spring. We got our first snow the other day.

  8. Thanks for the quickness. I know it can be downloaded separate. I had one downloaded before. I'll search and see if I can find an in depth review. I know the people that have them love them. 

  9. Question. Since I run everything basically thro Pandora does the app for this when you download have a built in tone generator for say burps? I want one. But want to be sure before I drop $400