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  1. It's almost a whole new experience.  I've owned loud setups. And I'm still a fan of anything loud. But the amount of violence possible from the 18s blows anything else I've ever had, or anyone else I've ever known had is out of the water. Every application can't use them. But if I have my way, and the room. That's what I'm stuffing in lol I'm hooked.

  2. 18's I've had dozens of 12's and 15's over the years. After having 18's I don't think I could ever go back. He's in the process of putting on a 9 inch lift as I type and some brand new 35's. I'll try and get video. 

  3. Musically they are pretty impressive. My buddy built his enclosure and they're doing 150s on only 4k (two American bass 150.1's strapped) 147.9s at the headrest


  4. My buddy is running ascendant teams. I'm assuming they have to be close to them or a step up. Aaron would know that answer better. I may put them on a taramps 10k. For now I'm still running my sundown ns1.  I'm patiently waiting for the new synergy 8.1 to come out tho. So it'll depend on that price point I suppose.

  5. Also. Which sounds more musical? Got the ok from wifey on ordering new subs as soon as things get settled with the new job. Evils, Team evils.. FI sp4's, or FI btl neo's. Im torn. I want them all lol. But it will be daily.

  6. Tuned in. There's something I've always loved about the phantom dually's. There's actually one that got me into audio into the early 2000's 16 12s in a "Pac man" wall. It's still running around. Same setup as the first time I saw it. I saw it last summer for the first time in 10 years or so. Same owner. Still competing! I know no plans for audio for you yet. But I don't care. I dig the wide meats on the phantoms

  7. You can play it on music but I'm not blown away by it. Normal music is kinda like meh. It's hard to explain but the bandwidth could be better. I mean it has to do with box tuning. And 40 Hz is skull cracking. But I'm a lows guy. It doesn't dig down. 

  8. Thanks guys. Yea it's tough. I'm not going out. Just holding off until I can get into the swing of things. It'll be rotating shifts. So that'll take some getting used to. But if all goes well I could retire from this place some day and be financially set. Still working on friends builds in the mean time as time allows. Gotta post some pics of the progress there. But pretty stoked for a life change for the better.

  9. Ok life's been hectic. Accepted a job offer starting out almost five bucks more an hr than I make now.. after 3 years. The audio has been on hold. Looking for a tahoe or gmc  yukon. Just want opinions. Either going to order my second dc level 6 18.. or just order a pair of ssa evil 18s. For the price of one sub is close to just ordering the evils. And I know y'all are biased. But that's ok. I the level 6 is a skull cracker.. But not very musical. I don't want something just for burps lol

  10. That won't be a problem. Havnt had an amp mounted on a box since 2000? And it was all stolen. Old school round kicker solobarics and my first kicker xs 100. Just made a convenient carrying case for the thieves that stole my setup. Never again. Great heads up. 

  11. 4 hours ago, ManzKea said:

    Yea taramps are the real deal bro. Even 3ks got action. Don’t let the size fool ya, I brought one a few years back not thinking much of it. And when I saw it in person I was like ok cool. Itlll probably be a1200 watt amp or something. But I  replaced a Soundqubed 1200.1 with it. And it made my subs go ham! Lol. These amps have some weight too it as well, it may not be as massive as Koreans of the same power but shoot it feels well built. And puts out power. Plus I love the built in fans. It lets me install it under the box and not have to worry bout heating issues 

    For the price point definitely. A lot of people seem to be going that route. I'm debating a 10 or 12k. Probably the 10k. Wish I could see one in action in person. There was a 15k on Craigslist local for $900 a few months ago and I should have jumped on it.

  12. Still gotta get a demo vid posted but come to the decision it wont be around much longer before everything is pulled out. Just has more problems than it's worth to fix. On a positive note I've talked with Aaron about sub number 2 so the next build (And vehicle) will be worthy of the disgusting amount of money in subs..  

  13. First off, I would like to note, one of the easiest ways to sustain higher voltage and it reflecting on the dash is runs of power wire. (given all grounding is on par) A local and prior world champ who was part of TEAM DB DRIVE was running 10k RMS in his van. One day he decided to do runs of power wire front to back (from the heart of the electrical system, under the hood) until he quit getting gains on the meter. On that 10K rms setup he stopped getting gains on the dash at 32 runs of wire, yes thirty-two runs. Due to being able to transfer power with nearly no resistance, he gains tenths of volts which turned into tenths of a DB, he finally found the end the possible gains using only power wire. Cool read I found. But only if you're doing something such as what he was trying to accomplish.