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  1. Yeah you guys are a big help. And not bustin my nuts in the process. I appreciate that. So what kind of watt range should I be looking for for this 4 channel amp ?
  2. So if i ignore the ohm on mids how do i get full power from the amp (the 2 ohm rating)
  3. Ok. I already ordered the 4ohm 6.5 ssa drivers
  4. They got one under $250.. http://www.techronics.com/caraudio_15790_Zapco-DC200-2-DC-Reference-series-2-Channel-Car-Amplifier.html but it only does 50 Watts at 4 Ohms. I don't suppose you don't suppose there's any way to get the SSA components to 2 ohms? Sorry for my ignorance. Car audio is a lot to learn
  5. Yeah. Was just looking at them..Those amps are out of my price range and sound much more advanced than my patience will tollerate. I just really wanted to run ssa mids and tweets.. but not sure what amp to get. Or crossovers to use. With them.. i definitely want my amps to match. Picking up this for my subs http://www.woofersetc.com/st-1650xm-ii-zapco-monoblock-1650w-rms-class-d-amplifier.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw5_vHBRCBtt2NqqCDjiESJABD5rCJegZVIcEhvZlcCWx6mPipmFPVpGBT9u63DL7b3mn86BoCbKbw_wcB. Someone said i could build xovers idk. Perhaps i should stick with the HEX components
  6. Ok. And i wont need any external xovers for the ssa mids and tweets?
  7. I have a good sub. But it's the old style with the inverted cone. And the new sub of course does not. Not to mention. I would like to have to Fresh Subs..So it's getting rebuilt either way. So I still have the option for 1 ohm or 2 ohm subs.
  8. I orders my sub last night. Im sure I still have time to change the impedance before they build it. And i need to recone my current sub. I can change to a 1 ohm if need be? And get the full 2000 watts fron the amp? Sorry for my ignorance.. its my first real build.
  9. This is my current setup. I'm also planning on doubling the size of that box . Replacing both these amps . For the zapco amps . One for my Subs one for my components . I've got no room for three amps
  10. I do have a 2ohm sub wire to 1 ohm. I ordered another 2ohm sub. I was going to buy one of these 2 amps http://www.woofersetc.com/st-1650xm-ii-zapco-monoblock-1650w-rms-class-d-amplifier.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw_uvHBRDUkumF0tLFp3cSJACAIHMYgAx0U_IHYoH-PMLa8OVwgvtiH1ivB74IdvDMSE3woxoCRpfw_wcB http://www.woofersetc.com/st-2000xm-ii-zapco-monoblock-2000w-rms-class-d-amplifier.html Do i want 1ohm subs?
  11. So I posted a build log. Was posting several pictures of my build then eventually it would no longer give me the option to attach an image.. not only on that one post. But any post in this forum
  12. I have 2 group 78 800cca. 110-115 reserve capacity each...Unfortunately a 95 amp is the biggest alternator anyone makes for a aircooled vw.. the only positive side to an old bug is theres almost no electrical draw to the car other than the head and tail lights ..but at 1200 watts on the sub and another 250 on the components im seeing no dimming evin with the headlights on and bass cranked for 30+ mins.. and i rarely drive the car at night.
  13. Thanks for posting those pictures for me
  14. Thank you sir.. It's not my first car build. But it's my first big stereo build and interior job that I did a hundred percent myself..