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  1. My63rag

    Ok enclosure build pics

    Ordered it from simply plumbing
  2. My63rag


    How do i delete a post
  3. My63rag

    Ok enclosure build pics

    Not done yet
  4. My63rag

    Da box build

    They are wanting $40 a month now for a third party hosting. A month?who the hell would pay for that. I found a different hosting site. I will be posting my bild progress soon
  5. My63rag

    6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    I was running a single 12 with the diamond hex and it sounded fantastic together. I'm adding another 12 so I'm thinking I'm going to need a little more out of my front stage. But I'm also upgrading my front stage amp. And going from a Pioneer DEH 7900 BT. To the 80prs. From what I'm hearing it should be night and day sound difference if I go active On the new head unit. As long as they evil mids and tweets can perform as well as the hex... and if I can find a way to remount my mids giving it more airspace Maybe vent it into the hood area a bit.. right now it's sealed off in very little air space. So if I can change all that stuff hopefully the one set will be enough. That's my plan man. Thoughts?
  6. My63rag

    6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    This is where my current HEX are now. I was hoping I could mount one set here. And perhaps building enclosure for another mid. Placing it under the dash next to the console. But I don't know if it would work well to be in different enclosures
  7. My63rag

    A few of my pics

    How are you posting pics. I was using photobucket but they shut down 3rd party posting
  8. My63rag

    6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    So if im running 2 mids on one channel at 4ohm and the amp is 100watts at 4ohm. Does that mean there would be sharing 100 Watts.. do you think the amp listed above would be adequate for that situation. Sorry for my ignorance.. Amp specs. ....v..v..v 4 Channel Class A/B Amplifier RMS Power Rating: 4 Ohms: 100 Watts X 4 Chan. 2 Ohms: 150 Watts X 4 Chan. Bridged, 4 Ohms: 2 X 300 Watts Signal-to-nose ratio: >90dB THD + Noise < 0.5% Channel Separation >60dB 12dB HP/LP/Full Pass Crossover RCA and Speaker Level Inputs Variable bass boost control Frequency Response 15Hz to 30KHz ±1dB Input Sensitivity .25v to 5v Compact chassis Dimensions: 6.29"(W) X 11.8"(L) X 2"(H)
  9. My63rag

    New icon..bit worried

    Felt seems good. Ill try free air
  10. My63rag

    6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    That's perfect. So here's my next question. If I'm running to mids on one side up front. Do they need to share the same air space. Or, if not sharing the same airspace I'm assuming they need identical airspace?
  11. My63rag

    6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    Great info. I think im gonna get this amp http://www.woofersetc.com/st-4x-p-zapco-4-channel-480w-rms-class-ab-amplifier.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwutXIBRDV7-SDvdiNsUoSJACIlTqlDxkaULKIFdgThoiwA3ulUcyWIbcgsE3hLwMK6J06zBoC3dXw_wcB To match my amp for my icons. And sell the hex set.. and get ssa. Can i run 2 sets of mids and one set of tweets with that set up? If i feel like i need more than one set of mids?
  12. So about a month ago I received my new icon. And a recone for my old icon. I plan on going from a single 12 to 2 12s in the process of building an enclosure. Anyhow.. so I did the recone. Dropped it in the Box ran it for about a week to break it in. And it sounds fantastic.. Heaven ran it hard yet. Probably never fed it more than 700 clean unclipped Watts (if that) anyhow it sounds great. So I pulled it out and dropped in the new icon. Breaking it in just like the recone. Sounded great then yesterday I started noticing a "slight" buzzing/scratching sound at a certain bass note at high and low volumes. A specific song would come on, and would have that bass note and I could hear it every time it hit. As well as a few other songs. I hope I'm just trippin and maybe I just had a wire rattling loose or something. It just sounded an awful lot like the coil rubbing. But I would think I would hear it if I move the cone in and out by hand....but it does not make any sound when i do..Either way I had to pull out that single box cuz I'm trying to fit a new box in there so I really wont to know until I get the box up and going and get both subs hooked up.. any thoughts?
  13. My63rag

    6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    Cant delete above