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  1. What's the efficiency percentage on these amps?
  2. I need to recone an icon. What glue do you recommend that will work for the spider,surround and dust cap. Something black. CA glue?
  3. Reconing in older icon with a new icon recone. I'm seeing some slight differences tinsel leads. Spider. Spacer between magnet and motor. The spider Landing.. http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg580/jjzickowski1/recone/20170621_175141_zpsqmxrjuai.jpg][/URL] }[/img]
  4. How many sets of components ( evil 6.5 in tweets )can I run off of a 4 channel amp and a mini DSP.. The amp is 100 x 4 at 4 Ohms
  5. icon blew me away.. id say gcon
  6. Ok i uploaded a new size. I think i can fit that im there. More port area thoughts
  7. Okay so here are my plans new enclosure for my rebuild. Below is a picture of the single icon 12 I currently have and it's enclosure which is 14x14x34... 2.4 cubic feet. , tunned at 29.5.. I plan on adding a second 12. And building a Aero ported enclosure ..and the box specs also shown in the link below.. View Album, http://s1244.photobucket.com/user/jjzickowski1/library/box Now that box volume and tuning is what "I think" is ideal.... based on my desire to get louder and more SPL... but I am often wrong..this will be my first tunned enclosure build. So I have a few questions. Does anybody see anything that looks like a bad idea.? Those are the maximum Dimensions that I can cram in the back of that car without losing a functional back seat. And also do not include the extra 3/4 of extra baffle on the top.. or any volume displacements that I will lose Inside the Box for bracing. the box is still bigger than I'd like.So let's say I was to lose 1 cubic foot of net volume.. how much will that affect the sound... I hope what I just wrote made sense lol
  8. Its saying i used up all my "attachment quota".. i posted to many pics in my build log i guess.. how do i free some up. I cant figure out how to delete some pics. Thanks
  9. I got the hex set new in box for 100.. i like to tinker..and building xovers for a set of evil mids n tweets sounda extremely gratifying.. Just not sure what materials id need and how to go about it ..
  10. Probably another stupid question but. Would it be a bad idea to swap the tweeters out of my component set. Leaving the hex midbass and crossovers and just doing a tweeter swap?
  11. Yeah you guys are a big help. And not bustin my nuts in the process. I appreciate that. So what kind of watt range should I be looking for for this 4 channel amp ?
  12. So if i ignore the ohm on mids how do i get full power from the amp (the 2 ohm rating)
  13. Ok. I already ordered the 4ohm 6.5 ssa drivers
  14. They got one under $250.. http://www.techronics.com/caraudio_15790_Zapco-DC200-2-DC-Reference-series-2-Channel-Car-Amplifier.html but it only does 50 Watts at 4 Ohms. I don't suppose you don't suppose there's any way to get the SSA components to 2 ohms? Sorry for my ignorance. Car audio is a lot to learn
  15. Yeah. Was just looking at them..Those amps are out of my price range and sound much more advanced than my patience will tollerate. I just really wanted to run ssa mids and tweets.. but not sure what amp to get. Or crossovers to use. With them.. i definitely want my amps to match. Picking up this for my subs http://www.woofersetc.com/st-1650xm-ii-zapco-monoblock-1650w-rms-class-d-amplifier.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw5_vHBRCBtt2NqqCDjiESJABD5rCJegZVIcEhvZlcCWx6mPipmFPVpGBT9u63DL7b3mn86BoCbKbw_wcB. Someone said i could build xovers idk. Perhaps i should stick with the HEX components