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  1. bass_4_ever


    more plys/plies = stronger... 13 ply is what I used for my box this year. Its stronger, much more durable, and lighter than MDF. Also, not as much dust when cutting. Just make sure that when you do cut birch, use new bits.. reason being is that it chips quite easily if you use a dull bit.
  2. bass_4_ever

    08 scion xb^2 B2 products galore.

    might be an idea! I'll see what kind of room I have left since I'm quite tight for space but if you have pics of what you did for bus bars it would be very helpful!
  3. bass_4_ever

    08 scion xb^2 B2 products galore.

    not meaning to clog up his build log, just asked a question since he was on the topic of batts and such, wanted his input since we are using the same/equivalent equipment on the question I had since he seems to know what hes doing since his build looks awsome so far!
  4. bass_4_ever

    08 scion xb^2 B2 products galore.

    can anyone else confirm 100% if what I said would work about bus bars?... Just want to make sure before I do all the bending, etc.
  5. bass_4_ever

    08 scion xb^2 B2 products galore.

    how was your voltage after playing for a while with the 3 3100s? I'll be running 2 HC2400's on my 5500 with a yellow top up front! Question for the electricians.. lol.. I would like to run bus bars on the batteries themselves, except my batteries will be laying down. is it okay to bend the bus bars like this |_| (except flipped over.. as in the flat part on top) and run all my +/- to the middle of both batteries? Would that work or is that just a horrible idea? lol
  6. bass_4_ever

    Next Outrageous Deal | 12-15-2011

    Awsome deal!! $109!! Too bad I already have my batteries Keep up the awsome work Mark & Aaron!! I was sitting at my chair from 7 - 9ish!! You guys had me going like a madman with the refresh button!!
  7. bass_4_ever

    Next Outrageous Deal | 12-15-2011

    damn it! lol I've been refreshing "Outrageous Deals"!!!! fail on my part...
  8. bass_4_ever

    Next Outrageous Deal | 12-15-2011

    does it come up in "Outrageous Deals? or in another section?
  9. bass_4_ever

    anyone have a dcon 15 video???

    Anthony, let me know when you're gonna start the build, I want in on it Lookin forward to hearin those little monsters play!
  10. bass_4_ever

    wtf? dc power

    I find it somewhat comical how Rob still didn't send me a msg or try to fix my problem that I've faced... oh well... too late to save this customer.
  11. bass_4_ever

    wtf? dc power

    If I buy another alternator in the future, I'll definately deal with anyone else other than DC Power.... proved very horrible customer service & a terrible attitude.
  12. bass_4_ever

    wtf? dc power

    i purchased the 260 and it did bolt up, only thing was the pulley didn't fit with any belts. Not sure what happened... but Rob definately did not help me one bit to get the problem solved... just left me in the dark and didnt return any calls or emails. As stated, I purchased the alt approx 4 years ago
  13. bass_4_ever

    wtf? dc power

    The issue came up 4 years ago, I sold the pulley to a buddy since I wasnt getting anywhere with Rob. There was no need for me to keep the pulley since it was useless. I never heard back from Rob or anyone at DC Power... waited about a year, then sold it. I appreciate the help from you, Dbeeez, but Rob should've stood by his product instead of just leaving me in the dark like he did. I spent 500+ bucks on an alternator and got absolutely no help from him. His service proved to me that he's very unreliable and does not guarentee his product to work like he said he would. It took him 3-4 months to get back to me... thats unacceptable.
  14. bass_4_ever

    wtf? dc power

    2003 Golf 1.8t (and I'm in Canada) ... not so easy/cheap to get parts.... even according to Rob, I could not get a smaller belt.
  15. bass_4_ever

    wtf? dc power

    Sorry, misunderstood. Rob was never helpful in my case... took him 4 months to get back to me then never heard back again... basically said too bad, cant help you. I did try other belts, problem is my belt is double sided and I tried the smallest available size for a serpentine belt for any car. It did not fit... even with the tensioner at 100%. The only smaller belt available was "special order - custom built". I was not ready to pay $400 for a custom belt because my "direct bolt-on" and "uses factory belt" alternator does not fit. From this, I was ignored by Rob... whether by phone or by e-mail... he never responded.