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  1. Whether you're into two channel audio or multichannel HT...let's see what you've got
  2. I get asked a lot about recommendations for home audio speakers, and it's hard to argue with the value of DIY speakers. But just Googling for random plans can be a little intimidating sometimes if someone doesn't quite know what they're looking for. Figured we could start a little list of pre-tested homebuilt projects for people to look through, to get ideas for their own stuff. Feel free to add any that you come across. http://www.zaphaudio.com/ - John Krutke's excellent site, concentration on smallish 'bookshelf' monitors and component comparisons http://www.frugel-horn.com - full range, single driver, crossoverless designs http://www.speakerbuilder.net/ - a good mix of bookshelf and floorstanding speakers, easy-to-obtain parts http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/ - very wide variety of tested speaker designs, from the economical to the no-holds-barred high end http://www.partsexpress.com/projectshowcase/homeaudio.cfm - the PE project showcase. Lots of different ideas to try out http://t-linespeakers.org/projects/index.html - transmission line speakers and subwoofer plans http://www.quarter-wave.com/Projects.html - Martin King's quarter-wave speaker projects section, excellent information if you're thinking about building a tuned quarter wave pipe of any kind. http://www.zillaspeak.com/bib.asp - probably the simplest-to-build horn plan out there, a good single driver, no-crossover solution. The companion thread on DIYAudio is here: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=66173 http://members.myactv.net/~je2a3/open.htm - JE Labs open baffle plans. If you're curious about getting openly baffled, might be a good place to start looking http://passdiy.com/speakers.htm - Nelson Pass' superb DIY section. Small speakers, BIG cabinets. Big fun. http://www.quadesl.com/tidytl.html - compact transmission line plans for the highly-regarded Jordan JX92 full range speaker http://planet10-hifi.com/boxes.html - Planet10's box plan library. Related to the frugel-horn project, this is *the* place to start looking if you're thinking about CSS FR125 4.5's, Fostex or other single speaker ideas.
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    not cool

    You should post pictures over on Forceaudio. Wink wink, nudge nudge. There's still a couple gremlins in the PHP, I think, but posting should be working again, along with new user sign ups...
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    Welcome to the IHoP

    Yeah, I know the feeling Have fun...
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    Forum format...

    Options in the right hand corner...select Standard
  6. A gain block is a term sometimes used to describe an amp with absolutely no features other than...being an amplifier No crossovers, filters, EQs, time alignment, coffee makers...
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    Welcome to the IHoP

    Heh, don't have RTMS access...
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    Where does everyone get there.....

    Audiogon is dangerous to the wallet Got my preamp from there...
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    not cool

    I can't mention other forums now? Mind showing me in the TOS where it says this? Mind showing me any rule I broke deserving deletion? Maybe I shouldn't recommend any products that SSA doesn't sell? Would that make you happy? I've got a better idea. I'm off to places where being a sheep isn't required... If you'd like some lessons on how to raise an army of sycophants, I'm sure Ben Milne could give you some pointers, but it seems like you're off to a good start on your own. Good luck with that.
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    Digital Designs Dd-dxb01

    I have absolutely no desire to get them, give me a good set of Grados, Senns or AKGs any day...
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    random question

    Waste of time, IMO.
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    My dad's ideas. (help)

    In my case, my parents understand too well...once they heard the BIB's, they wanted me to build a pair for their place I remember my mom got pissed after I sold the Maggie SMGs She still wants a set of six footers for upstairs...
  13. JimJ

    Need help with Fi Audio

    If they do, it's as an OEM, and I'm not sure who the customers are...
  14. Pioneer P9 combo, Clarion DRZ9255, Alpine H701 processor w/ RUX controller...I know you said no DVD players, but the DVI-9990 is one hell of a unit
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    Need help with Fi Audio

    I'd choose the Q's, but I'd be concerned about putting the subs in the same tower. It may look clean, but often times, where the main speakers are may not be where the subs are best placed for minimizing room interactions...and if they're built in, you're stuck.
  16. JimJ

    need to find a 24 volt to 12 volt step down,

    A stepdown transformer capable of handling that kind of current is going to be as heavy as the bus itself You might want to try marine supply stores, larger boats may have a use for something that big to convert 24V ship's power down to 12V under that kind of load. But it won't be cheap. http://www.samlexamerica.com/products/prod...roductsID=60085 That's only 60A...
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    Welcome to the IHoP

    PG 1200.1 going up for sale tomorrow, methinks...along with the e12a.
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    Welcome to the IHoP

    So wait, were the Maggies, Klipschs and now BIBs all white van speakers?
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    Help with a 2.1 setup

    I'd look on Audiogon and see what integrated amps are in your budget...
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    A pillar location Not just for tweets

    I thought Dave Brooks's truck sounded amazing with the midranges up on the pillar But that also had a huge windshield. In anything smaller, I could see where loss of peripheral vision could be a problem.
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    Help with a 2.1 setup

    I'd rather use a BIB enclosure for those - http://www.zillaspeak.com/bib.asp They're excellent drivers. I know you mentioned movies, but if this is more a two-channel setup, I wouldn't get a receiver, personally. Go with something like a T-amp design instead...
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    New Mag box recommendation?

    I liked the new Mag more, but the Brahma was available in more cone sizes than the Mag.
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    Welcome to the IHoP

    Well, that's that.
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    New Mag box recommendation?

    I didn't bother putting it in a ported enclosure because output isn't a concern of mine, and it did so damn well sealed... One of my favorite subs I've heard yet...