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  1. B Stock Discounts Damplifier & Damplifier Pro

    Good price on the Damplifier Pro... 90sq ft is going to be close to what I need...
  2. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    SSA Tweeters + Mids it is then. For the price, it's hard to beat them.
  3. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Hi M5, Thanks for everything so far! Are you talking something like these for the tweeters? https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/auto-tweeters/seas-prestige-27tffnc/g-h1396-1-textile-dome-tweeter/#tab-3 You think these would be better than the Evil Tweeters or those SI M25s? Or the Peerless tweeter your posted before? I think I can get them on-axis or very close. And it sounds like you're recommended the Evil 6.5s? If those SI TM65s were a little cheaper, I might go that route. The reviews for those seem to be very excellent.
  4. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    I'm really digging the SSA Evil Tweeters and 6.5s. One other company I've looked at is the Stereo Integrity M25 Tweeters and TM65 Midbass. Here are the charts for them. Looks like they could be crossed in the 2000-2800 range and perform well, especially on-axis with the tweeters.
  5. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    I think I can angle it for 15.
  6. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    That's what I did. It's flat against the speaker grill. The tweeter itself may be angled back a little more. So I think we're safe to assume less than 30 but not 0.
  7. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Couple of pics tried to take where my head is and look down at the doors...
  8. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Okay, did a measurement. It's 5 degrees off-axis on the passenger side and 30 degrees driver side.
  9. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Would the SSA Evil Tweeters and Mids be a good option? The price on those is much better than the Morels, Focals, or Scan-Speak stuff I pointed to earlier. I'm just not sure how they compare.
  10. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Passenger side is pretty much right on my face. Driver aims in front of me. Off by 25 degrees or so.
  11. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Door is very deep. I think it's like 4.5" there. And I can run a 7" by modifying the door. It's off axis in that range. They are definitely angled up toward the ears but they are down low in the door, so not ideal. But it does provide more room there.
  12. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Both are in the door. Tweeters are angled up. The dimensions for the tweeter are that the door holds a 1.95" diameter tweeter. But everything would be a surface mount there. It has a bracket that I could ziptie or tape the tweeter to. But there's no "mount" so to speak.
  13. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    On board processing of the Pioneer DEH80PRS to start with... For a better price, would the Scan-Speak 18W Revelators and D3004 Illuminators do better? I've seen a lot of very positive things about them as well.
  14. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    Well, I should have phrased that better. I don't want a muddy sound to get lost in what's a noisier car interior than I think most of you guys run. My thought was a brighter sound may penetrate through that more. However, the Morel sound is closer to what I use with my Sennheiser reference headphones where I do a large portion of my listening. I do like a warm, flat sound. But in the car, I've always enjoyed a more lively and punchier note. I originally started looking at the CDT Audio components and they seem decent, but a bit overpriced. So I started looking at Hybrid Audio. The Clarus midrange seems pretty good but the tweeter is not. Stepping up to the Legatia or Legatia SE line adds a lot of cost. So then I started looking at Morel for a closer sound to my ideal and Focal for something that might work a little better in my car. Which led me to this post. I'm not opposed to just buying some midrange/midwoofers and tweeters separately. Budget would be about $700. I am planning to run active... so either 75W @ 4-ohm or 120W @ 2-ohm with my Sundown Amp.
  15. I haven't been able to audition these, but I've narrowed my front components down to this. Will be running a Sundown Audio 1100.5 and may drive them actively. It'll be in a 2002 Trans Am using the door structure where the tweeters are mounted low but aimed toward your ears. I understand the Focal sound is very bright and detailed and can be a bit harsh/tiring. However, my car is a bit loud and am afraid the Morel's flatter, warmer sound will be lost/overpowered by my subwoofer package, though I do prefer that sort of sound in general outside of the car. In addition, the Morels seem to have a better midrange/woofer that plays in the 50-3000hz range with a 2250 crossover vs Focal which is around 70-5000, relying on a 4700 crossover. So, I'm torn. I think the Focals may sound better in the car with my subwoofer package (dual Arc 12s with 800W on the pair - was able to get a good deal on those and they are based on the IDQ v2s) in the rear well of the hatch. So to balance the setup, I'm thinking the Focals running 125W @ 2-ohm in a passive setup might work in this particular car where the brightness can help. Otherwise, the Morels would be active with 75W per channel. But I'm afraid the balance and neutrality won't be enough and they'd be overpowered. Pricewise, they are within $50 of each other right now. So, it's a toss-up. Any thoughts?