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  1. Grendel0501

    GCON replacement ETA?

    That guy pooped on my thread. I'm really upset... I saw the Gcon prototype video on Facebook. Hopefully it'll be available for purchase in the next month or so...
  2. Grendel0501

    GCON replacement ETA?

    I would like to sign up to be product tester for production model #00001. I'll try my best and be patient, but this project has been in the planning stage for far too long, and the want to get it over with is getting strong.
  3. Grendel0501

    GCON replacement ETA?

    I'd like to stick with a single sub, don't want to give up too much space for a box. And power handling around 700-1000rms. That Gcon was perfect for my needs... *tear*
  4. Grendel0501

    GCON replacement ETA?

    I meant price wise, not performance. I'm looking for a SQ 12 around $200.
  5. Grendel0501

    GCON replacement ETA?

    Well crap. I would upgrade to the ICON but its alittle too much for me.
  6. I'm in the market for a daily driver sub. I just finished my choices and was looking for a GCON 12d2, but come to find out they aren't being made anymore. Is the replacement coming anytime soon?