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  1. Boom sonic

    It's alive! I'm so happy! This bangs clean low bass.. It rattles and flex little bit.. My next project is get a big 3 upgrade and agm battery..
  2. Boom sonic

    I'm waiting on anl fuse block for power to amp.. I read some what that 4 gauge power wire is 125 or 150 amp fuse up to 1,800 watts amp.. Because power acoustik don't have fuse in it.. I have anl fuse to the battery.. So order online feels like takes forever to get here.. Lol.. So afte that.. My next project is buy ssa evil component sets mids and highs.. They have tweeters but 6.5 mids sold out.. I'll wait until they get back in stock.. Hopefully soon..
  3. Boom sonic

    Finally box came in today... test fit perfectly..
  4. Boom sonic

    I prefer the real feel speaker wire like soundqubed brand.. Not plastic that stiff.. The real rubber that flex bend and little heavy.. It's true OFC wire. Also the price can't beat for 50ft spool.
  5. Boom sonic

    This is temporary set up amp.. under the hard board on top..just get the idea..
  6. Boom sonic

    Yes that's crazy dash kit cost expensive.. I've seen some touch screen factory radio they do 150 spl..lol. So i stick with it..
  7. Boom sonic

    Got my amp input came in yesterday..
  8. Boom sonic

    Lol.. I know man.. Especially on holidays busy.. I suppose get a sub box today..but it delays to before dec 15th.
  9. Boom sonic

    Can't wait to get here soon
  10. Boom sonic

    Lol.. I'm no rushing.. I'm still waiting my stuff come in to hook up.. Sub box, 3ft sky high rca cable and amp input 4 g to 4 g..
  11. Boom sonic

    I know the ground bolt needs to sand down to bare metal to get good grounds
  12. Boom sonic

    Ok yesterday was beautiful day to do fun hook up my amp kits.. All i gonna say is It's easy and simple.. I like clean hook up.. No messing lose wires.. I rather use zip tie together look nice..
  13. Boom sonic

    Hello just got back on forums.. Lol. Due to put hold from pay speed tickets first.. That tickets is no joke is expensive.. I could of brought more car audio stuff here.. But oh well learn a lesson.. Any ways.. Yesterday i did prepare hook up amp kits 4 gauge.. And did cut little hole center console on driver side.. For bass knob rac cable split from input and output.. It's slowly coming together.. I order port box and amp input 4 gauge for power and ground. I'm going upload pics in build logs..