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    Thax fellas for welcome.. yesterday i went to home depot and estimate cost to build box etc... They can cut but can't cut out hole for sub drop in.. I saw router at harbor freight good price.. My only concern is it doesn't have measures like ruler to cut out.. I saw someone make a stick wood attached to router to cut circle.. I'm gonna try that.. I rather cut perfect circle than saw sloppy.. Lol.. Well as for today I'm going to slamfest at Tampa truck and car show..it's going to be fun to hear tons of bass! I'll take pics hope i can figure post here..
  2. Boom sonic

    I have 2015 chevy sonic hatchback.. My sub are soundqubed HDS3.1. 4 ohm dual rate 1,200 rms to 2,400 max power. The magnet are pretty little heavy.. I'm going to build port box tune to 35 hz. My brother gave me power acoustik 3000DB class D.. 2 ohms 1,800 to sub. Old school orion 600.4 channel watts.. Focal mids and highs.. For front.. I'm going order amp kits from sky high audio 1/0... I'm pretty exciting to hook it up soon..
  3. Boom sonic

    Thank you! I have a problem download pic of my sub.. I don't have computer.. Just my cell ph. Lol
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    Thank you for welcome sir.
  5. Boom sonic

    Hello all.. This is going to be budget build small spl system.. I brought soundqubed hds 3.10 sub for my hatchback small space..