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  1. Boom sonic

    Thx guys for try help..lol.. Anyways.. I'm happy with my two soundqubed 10s and second battery in back( shrinken) that stops from dimming.. Now i can play bass for one hour straight.. No problem.. But my power acoustik 3000 gets little hot. I'm try to shop around the cooling fan to cool down my amp.. I see some others have like tube fan? Where can i get that? Do i have to make one from pvc cut into two pieces attached fan? Keep bass on!
  2. Boom sonic

    Sorry... My space is full.. I'm try to free up space to load up pics.. I just couldn't figure it out..
  3. Boom sonic

    I try to load up pics my set up bass system.. Did they changed settings? I did load up pics before.. Why?
  4. Boom sonic

    Thank you sir answer my questions.. I like your idea location battery beside spear tire.. I'm thinking get agm battery from part store for my budget.. In near future will definitely get xp power agm battery.. Thanks in ton.
  5. Boom sonic

    What kind battery should i get? My amp is 2 ohms of 1,800 watts and plan on another 10 inch sub. Also plan on get amp for mids and highs soon. Oh yea i have small space in back. Hopefully get small battery right by spear tire.
  6. Boom sonic

    I'm try to figure out how to stop dimming head lights.. I know there is big 3 upgrade but it's pain in the butt is take passenger side wheel off and wheel well cover off to work on.. I just wish were simple like old cars.. Lol.. And or upgrade agm battery. Only singer sells alternator.. Other brands don't because of pulling is small on factory.. I'm try stay away from volt cap.. Some said is bad for alternator
  7. Boom sonic

    I did actually swap out new mmats pure cooper power wire..that thing is heavy feeling.. I paid alot for this one than cheap.. Man it pull more power juice and hits harder now.. I'm glad to fix it.. Oh and my amp just warm while play longer....
  8. Boom sonic

    Ok i have questions.. Today got my fuse bock plastic bottom cover that melts.. I did check grounds are good and had bare metal connection are good.. My amp is power acoustik 3000.. I only use 1,800 watts for one 10 inch sub.. And 4 gauge power cable.. I'm try to think.. Maybe i need 0 gauge?
  9. Boom sonic

    Just got big 3 upgrade 4 g from gp audio 4 ft power and ground cable.. I just realized my alternator passenger side is lower of engine..it looks going to be pain in the ass from going under to work on.. I thought is top side engine.. But I'm wrong..lol.. My only problem is the cable is little short to reach battery post.. But i didn't add fuse with it.. So maybe it can reach to battery post.. Will see.. and definitely will take pictures..
  10. Boom sonic

    I like clean look connection to amp input..
  11. Boom sonic

    Thanks guys! I ordered big 3 is on the way... I'm itching get a another 10 inch and get a high output enclosure sub box.. Will see if my budget can afford..lol.
  12. Boom sonic

    It's alive! I'm so happy! This bangs clean low bass.. It rattles and flex little bit.. My next project is get a big 3 upgrade and agm battery..
  13. Boom sonic

    I'm waiting on anl fuse block for power to amp.. I read some what that 4 gauge power wire is 125 or 150 amp fuse up to 1,800 watts amp.. Because power acoustik don't have fuse in it.. I have anl fuse to the battery.. So order online feels like takes forever to get here.. Lol.. So afte that.. My next project is buy ssa evil component sets mids and highs.. They have tweeters but 6.5 mids sold out.. I'll wait until they get back in stock.. Hopefully soon..
  14. Boom sonic

    Finally box came in today... test fit perfectly..
  15. Boom sonic

    I prefer the real feel speaker wire like soundqubed brand.. Not plastic that stiff.. The real rubber that flex bend and little heavy.. It's true OFC wire. Also the price can't beat for 50ft spool.