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    Who to contact

    Thanks guys
  2. Bighonkey

    Who to contact

    I ordered a set of sound qubed 6.5s for my Harley. Just frustrating because i cant put it back together until i receive them. Hopefully the reason I haven't heard anything is due to them being gone. I ordered from them because of the reputation of fast shipping and the no response on the slow shipping is what was bothering me. Nobody likes to be ignored. Thank you for your insight on the topic. Hopefully i will hear something soon.
  3. Bighonkey

    Who to contact

    I ordered speakers for the first time over a week ago after them being recommended. It said would ship in 2 days. Been over a week and order hasn't even been fulfilled yet. Have sent emails and left calls with no response. Becoming frustrated with the lack of communication. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks