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  1. Redneck/until/Sundown

    2011 f150 4 door 4 sa15s 4th order bandpass build

    The only reason I was wanting a bandpass was do to the fact that most of the guys Iv seen have them where substantially louder and I like the overall appearance. On the flip most of the vented enclosures where from people like me with little experience and the bandpass guys where experienced in the field so therefor there's would sound better and be louder even with a standard vented enclosure do the the abundance in knowledge I guess. I had a wall that I just tore out to do this build and I was only getting about 140 tops out of it and im under the impression that 4 sa15s shouldn't have any issues getting to mid 150s under the right setup. If You have any advice on a standerd vent that can be beneficial that would be awsome.
  2. Vehicle : 2011 f150 Location in the vehicle: back half seat is removed Space available (Length x Width x Height): From front seat to rear wall 40" Door to door 46" floor to roof is44" Subwoofer make and model: sundown SA15 rev3 d2 Subwoofer Size: 15 Number of Subwoofers: 4 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): ? What type of music do you like?: all Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Spl but in daily driver. 80% spl 20% sq Tuning Freq (Hz): ? Volume ? additional info- Iv tries to find the trucks sweet spot but no matter what I can't seem to find it so tuning is widely available. I'm running 2 sae1500 amps which now have a good power flow, 250 amp alt 6 batteries and 6 runs of 4/0 ofc welding cable for power and 6 runs of 4/0 cable for grounds and I'm grounded to the fram with bolts and nuts. I had some protection issues and after a few weeks I have decided to completely redo the power source. But even so from what I gather the sa can handle clean power very well so I believe I'm under powered to a since even tho I'm at subjected RMS power so maybe I should build a tad bit bigger than spec? Sub woofer SA15 specs- I have the SA-15D2 Specifications SA‐15D2 SA‐15D4 RE (ohms) 4.61 7.75 FS (Hz) 34.88 36.95 Vas (L) 54.69 52.35 Qes 0.72 0.85 Qms 6.52 6.63 Qts 0.65 0.75 Le (mH) 3.39 4.98 BL (NA) 21.76 25.87 Mms (Grams) 338 315 Cms (uM/N) 61.42 58.8 Sens (1w/1m) 86.81 SA-15 Sealed 2.5 ft^3 Ported 3.0-4.0 ft^3 @ 35hz Displacement 0.17 ft^3 Depth 7 1/2" Outside Diameter 15 5/8" Cut-Out 14 1/8" Questions: just need any and all input on this build, I will do fiberglass as well and am a decent builder. I was gona follow the specs on the sub for sealed enclosure and do a 2/1 ratio so the sealed spec is 2.5^3 so that's 10^3 total so the ported houseing will be 20^3 total? That's a combined amount of 30^3 total plus some for bracing and I have around 46 to work with total. It's large but if it sounds good I'm down. I have most all materials I should need but would like to stay away from round ports do to money issues and this is a budget build. Wood I have plenty of and planed on going 3 3/4 sheets thick on most all walls and floors. Open to all suggestions please criticism is welcome as well. I hope I gave the necessary info for you guys thanks In advance!!!
  3. Redneck/until/Sundown


    I'm by all means not the speaker repair man but I just repaired a surround for a friend and I used some rubber cement called bc-1 by parts express. It worked very well for me and it seems to be a very tough hold as well. It's a little quick to set or grab if you know what I mean, but i would recommend it. Again, I'm just giving my insight on what the only product Iv used on my first surround repair. i will see if I can attach a link to the page for you. Good luck https://www.parts-express.com/black-rubber-cement-speaker-repair-glue-1-oz-bottle--340-078
  4. Redneck/until/Sundown

    Sundown sae1500d's and sa15's output

    Hay guys I think I finally found the issue. I'm useing a separate eq that's my main control, so I was turning the low pass all the way open and useing my eq filter, well it's is about fried and I was getting burst or spikes of 500 hertz to the subs while playing. The filters can cause this issue correct? It's working good so far. Also anyone got anymore imput on the strapping vs not
  5. Redneck/until/Sundown

    Sundown sae1500d's and sa15's output

    The enclosure design is about the most important thing in an audio setup especially trying to get higher numbers . So even if the enclosure is buit the best it possibly could if the design isnt good it will not do/sound good. The enclosure definitely is an issue as its not designed for the subs . . . . . Have you been monitoring your voltage while bumping? Cause I bet pretty bad voltage drop is causing the amps to protect more than having them at .5 each. Sould be able to get at least in the mid 40s with what your running I have Two meters I'm running, one on front battery and one on my audio system battery, the battery for audio isn't made for it technically but it's 1000cold cranking amps and 140 amp hour @ 1a battery. I'm getting 14.5 to 14.7 volts steady with minimal fluctuation .1volts max and that's normal listing with my mids amps and highs amps running as well at engine speed of 1800rpm so the alternator is consistent. That's at both batteries with mysteriously no changes between the two. Same setup running and engine speed the same except now we are up in volume and front battery is at 14.6 volts with Fluctuations from 14.6 to 14.1 volts and rear dedicated battery is 14.5 to 14.1/14.0volts. My meters Iv calibrated with my snap on volt meter and it's been recently calibrated by the dealer. I used my volt meter and graphing tool to layout a volt fluctuation over a 2 min run time for theses numbers. Ran unit for about 25 mins before hand to get Amp and battery's to normal conditions. I knew that the enclosure was important " in my opinion more so than the equipment". It's oversized a little for power issues besides that it's a decent design other than my failure to think about port loading for my cab and placeing the port in the center. Thanks for the help Well it's actually not either but almost a wall. It goes from roof to floor but sides and top are not sealed to truck yet since I'm having to work on it and stuff so it's more like a big box, picture a high end pro box except big center port and has 7 sheets of mdf in it lol 278.8 inches and im not exactly sure I got enough. I think I'm right in the bare min for my setup at 19mm xmax. If it's way off and time is abundant, please advise me from start to finish how to obtain the correct area and length for porting. I got common sense but putting it in terms that's reasonable would be awsome, first time I ever installed a speaker or did anything audio was only 9 or so months ago lol. Thanks for the reply, I tottaly see what your are saying and that's could be the case. I just like to check all my rugs for dirt before I tell someone els to clean there's if you catch my drift. Couple questions if you don't mind? I hear the fuss about strapping, I have to ask why do they not prefer it? Simpler to do and more consistent and just looks better to me. They say it's bad on the amps but how? If one fails it doesn't necessary mean that the other will fail, but if your running let's say huge subs and huge air space and loads of power and your unstrapped and one amp goes out the other will still play and if you loose half the drives in a shared air space that's excessive in size and and was already approaching max excursion...."which I would believe is common for a amp to fail do to heavy loads" wouldn't the drives left in the enclosure still playing almost be certain to get damaged? Just a thought I had and would like better understanding. When I first got these Amps I had this issue and I was at 2 ohms a piece and that's why I believe it's not the Amps it's me. I'm running factory alternator but I have good grounding and I'm useing actual 0/2 cable that's welding cable for just about everything and just useing a addapter to neck down at Amps so it fits. Got one long run of 0/3 cable from engine block to battery to chassis and back to audio battery. It's way excess but I'm planing on something large very soon but that's another story!!! And I'm not saying 2 gauge or 3 gauge This wire is like 1.3 inch diameter and heavy as hell, real American stuff here
  6. Redneck/until/Sundown

    Sundown sae1500d's and sa15's output

    Hay guys i got two questions about my setup. 2011 f150 with factory charging system with extra 1000 cca marine batterie "not a audio battery". I'm running 2 sae1500d amp on 4 sa15 subs. They are the rev3's and are 2ohm coil's. I am running the amps seperat gain matched "to the best of my ability" and I'm at . 5 ohms at each amp not counting rise. I have the rear seat out and built a good sturdy enclosure that's sealed good with a port that's tuned to 35 hertz. I'm over the recommend size on the enclosure I know at 19 cubes total shared air space but i did that do to the fact that i wasn't running very big setup on the amps, i know there getting the rated rms power but i also know that's not near what these guys can handle if it's clean. My question is what kind of numbers should i be getting with this setup? I don't believe something is right because I'm getting a 138 to 140. Had some issues straped where they kept going into protection mode so went back to running them separate and it still did it until I fixed it somhow mysteriously lol They will still go into protection seperstly but only at a lot higher volume than when they where strapped at 1 ohms. But it seems they are slowly going into protection mode sooner and sooner but it could be me thinking that. Any help would be awsome. Ps the box isant the issue unless it's do to size or porting or possible center port location other than thatnit's rock solid. I used a special sealer on and inbetween each piece of mdf and used 4 3/4 layers of mdf on all sides not just the baffel and i used 2/6s to brace it front to back back to too Bottom bottom to top twice over. And liquid nailed and sealed all corners with sealent
  7. Redneck/until/Sundown

    sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    Liro213 I hooked them unstrapped and the slave will get down just as the master would. Idk what the issue is. Each amp is identical but there is some slight deviation in the tooling used on each one or something because the gain knobs and protect light are all a little off on the slave. It's about 3 months newer than the other and that's probably my issues
  8. Redneck/until/Sundown

    sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    No I haven't contacted jacob. Honestly I hate to bug him because I'm sure he has enough on his plate, Iv been very pleased with sundown and there Products as well as there support team. There is only one or so dealers in my state, so I push sundown audio brand harder than some of them "team" boys lol. Iv only been in the audio game for a year now, in a area that hated loud music and "thinks it's the devil" so there is no support here, i have had 3 other brands I tried first because I'll be honest I am new and didn't have or know anything about audio until 9 months ago and my tractor had jenissin or some thing like that in it lol and SUNDOWN AUDIO needs better advertising, well they did then but they have established a good well earned name now and they should start a slogan like " we barely advertise, because when your good enough, word of mouth is all you need " hahah because in the sticks that's all we got to go by lol so the first three brands let's say to be nice they.... they F"n suck. Decent gear but I have no support but the company s themselves and these guys didn't care about my mesly 2 grand or so. Anyway sundown didn't care EVER when I called and would answer anything asap. That's why I should have enough by the end of the month to get 3 more ns2"s t go with the three I got in my safe beging to be played hahaha and I'm thinking now that 6 of the team neo 18s v1 will be perfect. Enough power I can run higher ohm load and be more stable and hopefully keep this old peterbult I'm doing this to a daily driver if needed. HA take that MTX. Wished you would have helped a poor old redneck out when i come park beside jackhammer and beat so hard the hammer falls off and your left with jack, but don't worry it's not like it's SUNDOWN yet, or is it? Anyway after All that long post point Is I don't want to but the man, they do good at work, so I'll let him have a home life. Car Audio esp sundown has kept me busy and as of mon clean and free from H for 12 months after a 9 year daily addiction. So ya this isant just a hobby now it's a way of life. So I don't mind finding out the hard way when I have amp issues if I have to, because it's staying busy and once ya learn the hard way you don't forget lol. Ok down to business, stupid question number 1357, I'm unstrpping these amps for now until I get the issue I was having fixed. I did some thinking and instead of gain matching amps with vilt tj meter only do to porting placement and irregulartys in the amps that every amp will have. What if I hook half of the voice coils to one amp and the other side to the other and play a tune at low watts to keep coils safe and swap phase on one amp and adjust other amp gain until the sub quits moving. I did research and from what I see I think this is possible! What y'all think?
  9. Redneck/until/Sundown

    sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    Yes sir it is, I'm starting To find that out. I'm sure this is stupid question, but can I just run them unstraped like normal two speakers per unit but leave the slave/master switch set like it is and the rca cable in the BR and that way I can run one set of gains and one remote and it will avoid gain matching issues
  10. Redneck/until/Sundown

    sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    And no. If engine is off they stay running fine and no issues. It will run battery down and not even get warm. Im thinking my half a volt jump is causeing it but i wouldn't think it should be that much of a issues
  11. Redneck/until/Sundown

    sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    They are strapped to 1 ohm each one seeing .5
  12. Redneck/until/Sundown

    sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    Hay guys I'm trying to find the detailed specs on sundown audio sae-1500d amp protection modes. Not just what will cause protection modes but more like high/low voltage protection circuit .80volt Spike To go into protection mode or something similar. The issue im having is in my f150 setup, 4 sa-15 subs walled with shared air space total of 19.97cubes tuned at 38 hertz. Drivers are 2 sae-1500d sundown amps strapped, and no not with a dam ratchet strap or rope, strapped as in power and two amps bridged to one. Ohm load on all 4 total is 1.23. with seals on and no wind or movements. Power and grounds are way bigger than spec, I'm running 3/0 aka 000 cables that can handle 450 amps and not loose flow and 650 amps at 60% duty cycle. There going into gold adapters at the amps to neck down and fit. All runs of power to Amps are equal length and grounds are same size 000 wire and are 9 inches from amp. I also ran 10 total runs of 000 with grounding bolts that are nickel plated to multiple different points on truck. Big three has been done. Here is where I'm slacking, factory alt, and two battery's is the power source. This is a slow project and my daily driver so money does affect me. Side note, running 4 sundown coaxial 6.5 door speakers and 4 3 inch horn tweets on a sundown sax 200.4 amp. Subs hit good until high volume then go into protect mode. Always the slave amp, here is the kicker, it only does it with engine running, I can bang them with engine off key on or engine off key in acc but if engine is running about 75% volume on hard bass hit slave is in protect. When this happens I'm seeing 14.6 volts and then right when it hits it drops to 14.23 or so. When not loud alt kicks down to 13.3 volts and is consistent. All readings are at amp itself. Unhook them and run seperatly and I don't have a issue except I have no scope and can't gain match with volt meterxlose enough to run them in same inclosure of that size can i? Thanks and sorry for long post but detailed info is always better in my opinion