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  1. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Prototype "SA" Series

    cant wait to hear more in the up coming months
  2. yeah i agree, but they still all look good
  3. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Which would you choose?

    id have to say THE Q gets my vote
  4. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Fusion speakers

    Thanks guys, but i was looking for THE 6x9 mid's and tweeters, THE sub set up he has already
  5. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Fusion speakers

    my friend is looking to upgrade his mids and tweeters in his car, and the only green speakers he have ever seen, he's just wondering if anyone has heard of them and if they are any good, and if there not good, if anyone has an alternative speaker company they know with green accents on the speakers or grills
  6. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Florida vs Oklahoma

    gators all THE way but i think it would have been better if TEXAS had gone
  7. Mr_Bad_Luck

    help me choose what car to wall!

    as much as i lik THE town THE way it is, walling it would be even better if you need any help jus let me kno and i'll come bak down and do whut i can to help out "THE BLACK BEAST" has a nice ring to it tho
  8. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Finally got my SAZ-3000D w/pics

    nice man, cant wait to hear how it go's
  9. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Being apart of Sundown

    this is true, i wouldnt even have known about ssa if it wasent for this big guy
  10. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Being apart of Sundown

    no i wasnt looking for anything lik that, i wouldnt really want free product, there is no fun in that id rather pay for it, then i cant say that i had to work for it... after all aint nuthin free now a days, and competing i dont think my car would be a vary good competier, i lik to feel THE song and each note, but if other ppl happen to be able to hear it to then they better enjoy it too... and yes i am goin to eventualy buy somethin sundown once i get money, times have been hard to try to find a quick job when your also goin to college thanx guys
  11. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Being apart of Sundown

    How do you become part of team sundown? Always wonder'd.... Of course you have to have something of sundowns to be apart, but is it jus simply that or is it more?
  12. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Prototype Big Boy SPL Motor

    jacob this is THE meanest lookin thing iv seen cant wait to hear more
  13. Mr_Bad_Luck

    BLOW OUT on 12" Nightshades

    so yall have already sold out of THE d2's? have yall sold out of THE d1's yet?
  14. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Ever done a box for a 93 mustang?

    thanx, i'll check it out
  15. Mr_Bad_Luck

    Ever done a box for a 93 mustang?

    i have a 93 mustang convertible and i was planing on having two 12' sundown nightshades instaled and i was wondering if you have evern done a box for my body style, if so how much would it be?