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    Building a silly van.

    I think I've decided on a single 12" ICON D2. If I'm right I can power that with a Class D amp at 1 ohm. Minimises space and power requirements, keeps the freight bill from the US to Australia down too. So I'll pull the trigger on the 8ohm Evil 6.5s and tweeters, plus the ICON, then source some amps I guess. Maybe locally, maybe second hand. A Class D something-or-other that'll do 1500W+ at 1ohm and a quality 4ch A/B for the fronts.
  2. AdamInPerth

    Building a silly van.

    C-DSP 6x8 is ordered. I read the manual front to back before purchase. Seems fine. 1-4 tackled. 5 & 6 to go. Amps and Subs. Sorry Notorious, missed your reply until after I posted this! I've lurked here for a long while, I take note of his replies
  3. AdamInPerth

    Building a silly van.

    It's definitely a Caddy and not a Tundra. 1.4 Turbo Petrol has been turfed in favour of a Golf R 2.0 Turbo with DSG, LSD and a great deal of handling and cosmetic mods that required wiring and coding - factory LED headlights, electric Recaro seats, folding electric mirrors etc. I can put things together well - the factory Golf loom is spliced on to the Caddy loom before programming the computer. Okay cool, thanks for the input so far. It sounds like I'll be buying the 8 ohm Evil 6.5s and tweeters which takes care of items #2 and #3. I've taken the point on having the subs located as far back as possible. I am fairly new to this, in a sense. Wiring up entire-home AV systems and making them all interlink and work optimally is within my abilities, so is wiring and programming custom ignition systems on motorbikes. If a mini-DSP is more complicated than that then I'm open to simpler suggestions.
  4. AdamInPerth

    Building a silly van.

    Cheers for the interest! Severe cancellation issues are something I'd very much like to avoid. I don't have any gear to use for testing but if putting the subs all the way at the back is the rule then I can build boxes above the wheel arches I guess. I'll go measure and see what depth that might allow. Just before I go giving up on my hopes and dreams - do under seat subs always experience cancellation issues? These would be mounted low, angled upwards into the backs of the front seats.
  5. AdamInPerth

    Building a silly van.

    Hi Everyone. Newbie here with insufficient knowledge to make informed decisions. I have a 2019 Volkswagen Caddy SWB van. Plenty of sound deadening and carpet to go in along with many mechanical and cosmetic modifications. Daily driver, sound quality bias, wide variety of music. I’d like to keep the factory RCD330 head unit, put Evil 6.5”s and Evil tweeters in the factory locations, and have one or two 12” subs directly behind the front seats in what would be the rear passenger footwells. No plans for rear fill. The Evils will fit – tweeters out front on top of the dash, 6.5s in the front lower corner of the doors. Might be able to position the tweeters in a pod on top of the dash, rather than keeping it under the VW dash grille. A steel parcel shelf over the rear footwells is going to limit me to one 12” in a sealed box per side. One sub is great. Two subs for not-much-more is also great if it passes the cost/benefit test - but it will need smaller footprint amps so I can hide them elsewhere now that the spare footwell is no longer spare to mount the amps. So here’s where I ask you to help me make a shopping list. Line Out Converter – XPLOC or XFLOC Evil 6.5s – 4ohm or 8ohm Evil Tweeters - 4ohm or 8ohm miniDSP(s) – 2x4? 12” Icon(s) / Demon(s) Amps All help appreciated. Thanks!
  6. AdamInPerth

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Luck. I was using Google for some stereo research and happened by the forum.
  7. AdamInPerth


    Hi Aaron, Really struggling to give you guys money! I've PMd you three times to confirm the order and also emailed Josh, all without answer. I even called the shop to leave a voicemail but the machine says it's full. What's the issue please? Are we able to do business? I'm persisting because of your product reputation - but only just! Thanks for your attention. Adam Australia
  8. AdamInPerth

    2018 SSA Tax return sale

    Message sent - thanks a million!
  9. AdamInPerth

    2018 SSA Tax return sale

    Cheers for the comment Aaron. Negative on an email in the spam box though. I've been receiving them AOK from Josh up until the 4th and then nothing since. Happy to go with PM here if that's possible and easier for you guys?
  10. AdamInPerth

    2018 SSA Tax return sale

    Hi Folks, Not having a lot of luck having my emails replied to. I'd like to buy some SSA subs, amps and speakers at these advertised prices. I'm in Australia and it seems easiest that I arrange the freight myself. If someone could get back to me with a best way to proceed that would be great. Thanks