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    95 Grand Cherokee build coming soon

    18" Evil is the thought at the moment, again open to any ideas Available room in the back for the sub box 42" wide x 28" deep x 18.5" tall = 13.61 feet of air Now taking into account for the wood .75 thickness 40.5 x 26.5 x 18.5 = 11.49 feet of air. Am I correct on this ? Also what should the design of the box/port be ( sub firing back, port up... sub up/ port back ect...)
  2. Designing a build, been out of the game a long time. Looking for any/all ideas suggestions ect. Goal is overall loudness, and daily deep big bass. No one burp comps. However want to be earth shaking as possible within area. Sub box going to be behind the rear seat and top of box not higher than back of seat. I plan to pot this build and look forward to all input.