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  1. escottl92

    Question about 18” ZCON subs

    Alrighty then
  2. Question is, can I run 3 18” ZCON on 2 ampere 5k???
  3. escottl92

    What subs and amp to get?

    Room for box and I want the amp inside, batteries will go in bed. I’ve been getting a lot of advice but non the same, I want either 2 15” or 2 18”, ported box, I can do one big amp or 2 smaller ones. My dilemma is what kind??? I’m open to any help thanks
  4. escottl92

    What subs and amp to get?

    The area I have to work with is 58” long x 36” high x 33” wide
  5. escottl92

    What subs and amp to get?

    I have not yet no, the truck I got broke down so I’m fixing it now, until then I’m using my 2013 Fusion, I want a system in that too, any suggestions?
  6. escottl92

    What subs and amp to get?

    I don’t want a wall but want the biggest I can, has to be 12” down from ceiling and behind B pillar so I could do couple different options, any recommendations?? chevy full size extended cab thank you
  7. escottl92

    What subs and amp to get?

    I have a Chevy extended cab full size I want to compete with again, I don’t want a wall or blowthru should I do 4 12” or couple 15” or 18”? one big sub or multiple subs? i will be changing out my alt and adding batteries as needed i use to have 3 JL 12W7 I’m a slot port box with one 1000 slash amp per sub in an s10 extended cab hitting 153.4