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  1. Bohanan23

    Sundown BlowOut Sale

    Hey guys, new member here. I'm possibly going to run a set of Sundown SA-8's based on my current air space constriction. I noticed there were on sale here for $159. Is this normal? Or is it a first come first serve type of deal on random occasions?
  2. Bohanan23

    X series?

    What's the rumor on the HDCX I keep hearing about? Wouldn't mind some info and release date as I'm window shopping now for some 8's most likely for my best scenario within my application. SQ is about an hour drive for me so it would be cool to go swing by to pick some up if I decide that route!
  3. Bohanan23

    8 inch subwoofer(s)

    Having Drew at Bassahaulics put some layouts together for me. I'll chat with him a little on the 12" on the side vs 2 (I might be able to squeeze 3) 8's downfiring. First box build for me but I have plenty of help along the way.
  4. Bohanan23

    8 inch subwoofer(s)

    with a box being 10” wide, is that even possible? with 3/4 MDF? might be able to squeeze 10 1/4”. i’m open to whatever will give me the loudest 32-36 hertz range. i like decaf and plenty of rap with lows
  5. Bohanan23

    8 inch subwoofer(s)

    something like this maybe? Yellow being 2 8’s Red being 1 10-12” Or big enough for a 15”....
  6. Bohanan23

    8 inch subwoofer(s)

    Now that you mention it, I could possibly have it facing towards driver or passenger door at the bottom around the area under the dash/radio. Would this hinder performance with it firing sideways?
  7. Bohanan23

    8 inch subwoofer(s)

    I thought about that, or have the box flare out a little towards the dash once the box passes the sides of the bucket seats. I thought about the driver face sideways but I think that would just look plain awkward and unconventional
  8. Bohanan23

    8 inch subwoofer(s)

    As mentioned, I don't have the width for a 12". The width of my box can only be 10" wide
  9. Bohanan23

    8 inch subwoofer(s)

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. Starting a build for my single cab. What I have to work with (30-33" L, 10" W, 15-20" H) has limited me to a set of (2) 8's it seems, even though physically I have the volume for 10's or a 12. I have it dialed down to a few subs and I was curious what you guys think? This topic is beating a dead horse, I know. But I'm looking to throw 7-800 RMS on each 8. Looking for something that has some authority in the 32-36 hertz range. My music is 99% rap or decaf with some low bass. Some rock here and there but not enough to justify changing dimensions of box for it. I'm working with Bassahaulics on a box build. For subs I've dialed it down to these choices, let me know what you guys think. Clean power, Big 3, AGM style battery, quality brand amp will all be used. Sundown SA-8 Sundown X-8 SSA F8L PSI-8 High Performance DC Audio M-38 Ampere Audio REV-8 Will either of these really "shine" over another? All within the $150-250 price range, the X being the most I'll be willing to spend ONLY if it's the clear winner on my goals in mind. I want something that can handle lows almost as well as my last center console 12" build in another single cab I had.