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    Making the most of 1400 watts

    Also, what about a single Subdown x-12? I saw a video of one of those subs getting down and it looked satisfying.
  2. rzza

    Making the most of 1400 watts

    Thanks, so what are your thoughts on a single 1500 watt, 15" Skar that requires 3.5 cubes? Powered with 1400 watts? Again, I just want to utilize the power that I have, the subs im running cant handle it. I'm trying to get more boom than they offer.
  3. I don't want to upgrade my amp at the moment so I have to use my Skar rp1500.1, its just north of 1400 watts RMS at 1 ohm. I want to get the most bass I can but I can't decide which sub to go with? I'm leaning toward a single VXF-15 but I was hoping to hear some other ideas. I currently have 2 JL Audio Kappa 120.9s in a sealed box and I want to replace them to get some actual bass. These sound nice but I want something that can actually handle the power I have to offer. These are a wimpy 350 watts each . Regarding enclosure size, like most people I want to keep some trunk space, 4 cubes is max. So what would you do?