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  1. I would like to find a good selection of tweeters to pair with my MCintosh 630's https://www.ebay.com/itm/MSS630-McIntosh-COMPONENT-SPEAKERS-TWEETERS-MIDS-X-OVERS-GREAT-CLEAR-SOUND-NEW-/130617525735 and Audison bit1. I am also looking for a 100X4 amp that sounds clean. This has to fit in my 1990 Lotus esprit. The plan is and is going along. To finsh building my custom doors that house tweeters near the handles and midbass by the knees. The midbass will have boxes of around 4L-6L of capacity and be ported. Then when the speakers are built I plan on adding in a 4x100 amp for the front connected to the bit1 and having that connected to a CD or better quality audio source. two other channels will be dedicated BASS connected to woofers behind the seats. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of room for a bigger amp or a subwoofer. Right now I am running horrible audi bose silk domes from an 04 a6. the woofers are open in the door using the provided crossovers from MCintosh. It's better than stock but not enjoyable. I wanted to find a pair of focal Beryllium tweeters like this but It https://10carbest.com/best-car-tweeter-speakers isnt happening. With all of the things on the list that this car needs including an ECM I have a budget of around 150$ I can go higher but not much. I was thinking about a pair of audison voice 1.1's but its hard to find the data sheets... For me at least. Any input about this would be greatly appreciated. Also ditching the MCintosh MS630's is out of the question although I plan on tossing the crossovers once I get the Bit1 in.
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    best terminal bolts

    Sorry for bumping...just my two cents in this old thread... I am using carol power cable ( you know, used for household wiring ) between my amp and sub. i am using a model with 4 wires in it ( two for plus and two for minus ). this way i get star quad configuration, double insulation and a durable flexible cable with heavy gauge that is priced somewhat reasonably. total overkill of course but the benefit is i can step on it and know it will be ok. i have used speakon and i admire how nicely neutrik connectors lock but while it is very solid on the outside internally the connections in it are compromised i would say. since you're not going to move your subs every day i think you will not get much out of the speed with which speakon can be connected and disconnencted. i think you should go for something simpler like banana plugs terminals for wire gauge you can calculate % power loss and percent cost ( cable vs driver ) and adjust until the percent is the same. so for example 2% power loss in a cable that costs 2% of what the driver costs.