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  1. Idonthalfohm

    powerus amps?

    *5 typo but it’s a Sony mex100bt
  2. Idonthalfohm

    Sq hdx subs

    I would of got a pair of evils but they don’t have em on the store anymore and everyone I know selling them is sellin a single 15 lol
  3. Idonthalfohm

    powerus amps?

    I meant like pre amp voltage my deck is 6v out I heard most Brazilians don’t like anything over 2.4
  4. Idonthalfohm

    Sq hdx subs

    So the new SQ hdx are out and just wondering who has played with the 12s, I’m contemplating getting them in the dual 1s and want to know what people think? Only person I know running them has a wall of the 15s and I run 2 12s so not quite the comparison
  5. Where can you find these I’ve seen someone mention they can handle 6v out