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  1. RT32

    4 channel setup. HELP!

    Omg just stop complaining about the ft1 tweeter, just try to help people out, or not. Maybe give productive criticism a try.
  2. That sounds like fun, I would love to track my Mazda but I wouldn't want to damage anything by mistake lol. I want to get like, a dirt cheap Miata and track that, or an old Volvo and drift it lol.
  3. oh man, they're leaving out us Mazda guys!
  4. Any sundown audio zv4 or zv5 for sale? I'm looking for a 15" dual 2-ohm sub, thanks!
  5. I have the same Question!
  6. yes, that's correct! 2004 Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.3L W/O turbo
  7. I don't have a stock starter battery although it is better, I can't say by how much. Also as far as my plan goes, I don't think I will have room for more xp750s. but at the moment its really tight already. I did just find a 250 amp HO alt for my Mazda, would that be enough along with the xp750, for 3500wrms? and what starter battery would you recommend. also, I do want room for improvement in the future. Thanks for the help!!
  8. Hello, I heard that Mazda 3s computer systems cannot handle new HO alt's, so that being said I wanted to just fabricate a new bracket for a secondary alt instead, but there is no possible room to put another alt. so I was thinking of just getting more batteries instead, is that a good choice? or should I investigate and try to get a new alt anyway. Right now I'm currently running 1800 rms with stock alt big 3 all 1/0 100% OFC and XS power XP750 and getting pretty bad voltage drop, I'm going as low as the upper 11s . and my amp gets a little hot (i think that's why). I plan to upgrade to 3500 rms, so that's why i want a new alt. HELP! thanks!