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    Suggestions/Help with New Build

    After further reseach I’m thinking I’ll be going with 4 of these batteries for almost 500ah. I will be running two sets of wire for the battery banks and amps
  2. CodyDaGoat

    Suggestions/Help with New Build

    And will this be enough electrical support? Someone told me the subs will smoke on 4k?
  3. CodyDaGoat

    Suggestions/Help with New Build

    For the cheaper route, I was recommended https://soundqubed.com/product/q1-2200-2-amplifier/ A pair of these. Or I could go with the SSA IC2000.1 and strap two of those together? And with the two amps, I can run the two batteries, big 3, 270A alt, 100% true OFC 0 gauge etc. and I should be good to go? Also might add sound deadening to the doors at least as well
  4. CodyDaGoat

    Suggestions/Help with New Build

    I found a couple buiilds with these subs. Both used the Taramps 8000D amp. One of the ones had two XS Power d3100s on a 240A Alt from mechman. I will be buying the 270A for my car (The biggest they got). Would that setup work here? Two HCCA15s on a Taramps HD8000 with two DS3100s and a 270 Mechman alt?
  5. CodyDaGoat

    Suggestions/Help with New Build

    Hello, just looking for some advice on my build ill be working on. Currently have 2 Orion HCCa152 Subs. I have the 2ohm ones at 2,500w RMS each. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good amps that can run 5000 watts at 2ohms THe biggest alt I can get is 270A and ill be buying from either Mechman or Singer. And my second question is, how many batteries should I expect to run with this buiild, and which ones will be best? I have a custom box built for my car. I have a 2010 forester. It'll be tuned to 28hz. Would also like some recommendations on a mid/highs amp.