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    Hello all! New member

    The build quality is top notch.. Nothing but smiles here. I noticed the remarkable similarity of the "guts" on the sub amp to the Incriminator Audio IA20.1. Those amps seem to be bulletproof, 0.5 ohm stable and, incredibly under rated. I have no doubts i will realize similar gains given a proper electrical foundation.
  2. Q-Bert

    Hello all! New member

    Lol, awesome.. Thanks fellas..
  3. Q-Bert

    Hello all! New member

    Hello everyone.. Im happy to be here. Im very new to being a forum member however, i read them often and found this one seems like one id like to participate in. I found SSA through online reputation alone, and have come to respect it so much that i grabbed both the IC2200.1 and the IC150.4, as well as the new ICON and im excited to pick brains while i put this all together.. Im still accumulating some parts but most of the big stuff is done. Anyhoo im happy to be here and look forward to learning from you all.