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  1. LA Boy

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    I actually bought a pair of minibrute 10s and just didn't like them really. I think I had a coil wired wrong which I found out when I took them out of the box to sell them. But even then idk about them. Let me know how you like em. A 2012 F150. It looks like it would be a huge pain to calculate the airspace for an under seat box. That and figuring out mounting depth. And I might have to look into that for a lift.
  2. LA Boy

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    Only problem with upgrading to the Hellions, which i would love to do, would be worrying about the box being too small and their price tag. How about the demons coming out soon? More appropriate box size and cheaper. When will the Demons be out? I love the look of their motor. And will there be options/modifications that i could chose from like on the Hellion? And what about M5 talking about how just a driver upgrade would improve little to nothing? Wouldn't the over $400 plus shipping be as useless as a paperweight?
  3. LA Boy

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    Honestly I wouldn't. And probably won't.
  4. LA Boy

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    I figured as such which is why I never trusted using it to begin with. Either way, I've got some cash at the moment so I figured I would spend it.
  5. LA Boy

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    Here i added the Sundown EV3s in blue
  6. LA Boy

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    I appreciate the input! and that is why I'm here asking questions. I know most of the sound is in the box but a custom box and seat lift together is over 500$ if i remember correctly and I don't have that sort of throw around money. This is the second box I have owned for this application and right now I'm just trying to get as much out of it as possible until i graduate and start making enough money to throw at this. As i said, I've got my gain set to be bout 1400-1500w rms instead of the correct 2k rms, i would like to get all of the power from my overall system even if the gain is small, a gain is a gain. From using WinISD after watching a video on how to do it, and the DS18 brand woofers on 2k rms had an insane 8 db gain across the curve. Red is the DS18 and green is current. Ive helped a friend install some lower model DS18s in his ride and they were super responsive and loud for only 1200w rms on 2 10s. And I see people bash Skar all the time but i personally have not had any sort of problem with their woofers besides resale value is crap.
  7. LA Boy

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    My current woofers are Skar VD 10s with my amp gain matched for them with a multimeter. I have had them forever, been through 2 different boxes and 2 different amps, so about 2 years I believe. I like them but I know I could be louder and sound a lot cleaner which is my goal.
  8. Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum as I found myself liking the way SSA forum is handled versus other car audio forums out there and I'm looking for advice from people who really know their stuff! My build is very budget oriented as I am 18 and in college but that's not to say i do not take my bass seriously. I have an APMI 2K with 1/0 KnuKonceptz Bassik wire ran for power and no big 3, all powering 2 10s under my back seat in my 2012 F150 which has already been sound deadened slightly and the back cabin vents sealed. Now to the meat and potatoes of my post. I am looking for some new drivers. My airspace is limited to 2.05cf before displacement shared by both 10s and box tuning should be at 36hz. My depth constraints are 6.25 inches of mounting depth with a 6.5 inch magnet. My box is a prebuilted ported Fox Acoustics brand box as custom is out of my budget. I have looked at MANY MANY different brands with no definite answer yet on what my next woofers will be. I have considered the DS18 Elite Z10s, Sundown E V3 10s, DD 600 series, Dark Audio NKOs, Skar SDRs and others. I don't want to turn this into a versus thread (even if it almost is one) but I am really just looking for recommendations on different brands and models of woofers around preferably 150$ a pop. I have attempted to use WinISD to model different woofers in my box but I do not hold it to be the utmost truth of all things. My goal is to get loud musically as I never have before metered but would like to eventually. I'm heavily eyeing the Sundowns at the moment because of them being on sale. Could I safely run the E10 D4s wired to 1 ohm on my amplifier and box? Any questions or comments are appreciated and I will be happy to reply as quickly as possible!