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  1. Hey all I'm looking to add some sound deadener to my vehicle but not looking to do the entire vehicle. Just trying to get the spots on the car that will help out the most. Around the speakers? A few Strips on the outer door panel? On the hatch? Just looking to get a small kit maybe  10-20sq ft. I'm just doing a budget build  and not trying to spend too much. I figure with this product some is better than none.

  2. I'm looking for the best set of component speakers around $100 and coaxial around $50-60. Doing a budget build in my new car. Speakers will be powered by NVX JAD900.5 about 70w at 4ohm

    First I was looking at the NVX V-series 6.5" component and coaxial. They have decent reviews I can get both speakers in a set for $129.99

    What are some other options in the same price range. I'll be using a sundown sa-8 v3 for a sub. Just want something that will sound good with it. 



  3. Also I have a pair of Polk audio db 6.5components and 6.5 coaxial in my truck, would it be worth taking those out and selling the NVX I got? I got the NVX as a gift so not worried about losing on them if the Polks would be better, they are just a few years old if that makes any difference.

  4. 10 hours ago, Randal Johnson said:

    Get the car, measure out the rear hatch, then come back and discuss enclosure design. My son has a Cruze hatch with similar space and had no problems with a pair of 10s ported and tuned. I’m sure a single ported 12 would have worked also. 

    Welcome to SSA !!!

    I know the car can fit a decent size box. However I'm wanting something smaller that's not going to take up much room, which is why I wanted the 8". Just trying to see out of the subs listed on the 440w would sound the best.

  5. I was leaning more to the sa-8, the box shape would need to be long and narrow. I feel like the depth of a decent 12 would have the box much wider. I really liked my sa-8s when I had them. Would the single sa-8 in a ported box be louder than my sd-10 in a sealed on the same power?

    I really don't plan on running much more than listed just want something that's going to take up little to no space but still have a little bump.

  6. I'm not new to car audio just been a few years since I've had to put together a system. I'm getting a 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback soon and I'm already planning on getting a little system for it. I'll be taking some components out of my truck and selling off the rest with it.

    Headunit is Pioneer AVH-X4700BS

    Amp NVX JAD900.5

    I have these in my truck now with a Sundown SD-3 10" will sell

    I plan to get the NVX V-Series components in 6.5" and the coaxial in 6x8 for the rear door. 

    As far as subs I'm not wanting anything large as far as box size/sub size. I loved my SA-8 v1 I had years ago. The amp does 440w at 2ohm which configuration would give me the best output and quality? Not looking to get super loud just a little more than the SD-3 in a down firing box under the back seat. Figured any of these in a ported box would be louder.

    2 Sundown SA-6.5

    1 SA-8 v3

    1 X-8