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    Tunning Recommendations

    Everyday ground and pound i listen to alot of bass boasted tunes
  2. Joey laughlin

    Box for 2 DC XL 12s

    I have 2 xl 12s in 4.03 cubic ft box after displacement i have two 4” arrow ports running skar 4500 @1 ohm what tunning should i go with
  3. Joey laughlin

    Tunning Recommendations

    I have two DC audio xl 12s just built birch box after diplacment im setting at 4.03 cubes have good electric running skar 4500 so they are seeing 2200 to 2500 rms each here were i need a little help they will be in the back of 2014 Lincoln navigator i have material for 2 4” round ports were should i face subs and port location and whats the best tunning for these subs