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    have a ? about my install

    could it be a bad set or rca's I am using a walmart amp kit but I have never had a problem with them before
  2. Jm1485

    have a ? about my install

    No I did not but I might try pulling the dcon out of my other car and trying it out but I'm working a lot of overtime right now
  3. Jm1485

    have a ? about my install

    two weeks ago I installed a kenwood ddx6905s a pare of 6.5 and 6x9 rockford fosgate prime speakers a 12 in ssa demon in a 1.25cf sealed box after displacement powered by a fosgate prime r500x1d in my 2014 corolla the speakers sound grate but the sub does not the bass sounds muddy my 7 year old dcon in the same size box still sounds as good as the day I got it is this a eq problem with the kenwood I set my gains with my liumy lm2001