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  1. J-MONEY

    Box build for f150 fx2 sport

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I have deleted the back seat.... So lots of room to play with would like my system to hit the lows and highs. I listen to all kinds of rap,and bass songs or if it hits hard and deep.
  2. J-MONEY

    Box build for f150 fx2 sport

    Hight 27" Width 58" Depth 18" Front needs to be 33"
  3. J-MONEY

    Box build for f150 fx2 sport

    Ok sorry it took me so long to get back to you I just figured out how to find this . Anyways that would be fine a forth order ported. Can you help me with specs , cut outs and a design that woul look good ?
  4. Looking to build a 4th order bandpass For two 15" Orion xtr. I have a 5000 watt Planet audio anarchy amp to push them stock alt. Stock bat. 0 gage power and ground. Can any one help me with a cut out and measurements. I tried and failed miserabley.