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    It may as well, Figures......

    Seriously! How does a loud mouthed idiot with : 1-15" crappy "Kole" SVC w/400wrms. Pushed by a ancient 250w 2ch. MTX amp. hooked up like a 5yr. old wired it in a jeep grand with NO upgrades. Pound as hard as..... My system which consists of : 1-12" Sundown Nsv.3 2500wrms. Pushed by a 3350wrms 1ohm. stable monoblock, Hifonics Zeus Elite amp. 2- Kinetik 2400Blu. AGM batteries. A 220 Amp alternator upgrdade. W/VSR Regulator & Hifonics HDBR all dedicated to 32hz.tuned sub & enclosure.... While this Clown runs around on a dead single battery and frayed small unprotected wiring and a pathetic setup?!?!?!?!?! I'm SO pissed off ! How the Herrrow, does that make any sense ?!?!!
  2. 808 PUNA BOY

    Dimensions vs. Measurements

    Why does enclosure plans use dimensions for builds over ft. Measurements ? ie. displacement vs. total internal area ?
  3. 808 PUNA BOY

    It may as well, Figures......

    Thanks for the feedback, it all makes perfect sense to me now....