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  1. I figured as such thanks, I know my question was kinda dumb lol
  2. I have a sundown SA 8 rev 1 motor no basket, can I recone it into an SSA F8L or a 10”/12” Sub if I buy a bigger basket?
  3. iMnstr


    Thanks, I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find where to get started learning all this stuff your comment helped me
  4. iMnstr


    My passion is Car audio and I want to learn as much as possible and maybe start an audio company/ store like SSA, Sundown etc
  5. iMnstr

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Best choice I ever made
  6. iMnstr


    I’m probably going to be flamed for this but where would I learn how to build my own drivers like SSA and Sundown do? Do they manufacture the surrounds, cone etc themselves or do they outsource most of the parts and assemble them before selling them? I really want to start my own business someday and car audio is my passion and I would LOVE to learn all I can.
  7. iMnstr

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Got a demo from someone running 2 SSA F8Ls decided to buy a set 4 years later