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  1. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Port velocity w/ filters on
  2. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Cone Excursion w/ filters on
  3. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Group Delay w/ filters on
  4. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Transfer Magnitude w/ high and low pass filters on
  5. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Okay, so this is what I've come up with. Screenshots of WinISD graphs included. Please let me know if anyone sees something that doesn't look right. Thanks!
  6. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Thanks Aaron! I used a port calculator and that was the area it spit out for box size and max power. I'll bring it down a bit. Also, from what I've read the Gcon will handle 1500w dynamically without issue. Would you agree with that? Or should I use a lower-powered amp?
  7. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Thank you sir! I placed an order for a 12" GCON, powering it with a 1500W amp @ 1ohm. Box is going in the trunk of a Hyundai Elantra. The box I came up with is a slot port with 2.5 ft3 net internal, port area of 43.75 in2 and port displacement of 1.17 ft3, tuned to 31 Hz. Sub back, port back. Any advice is welcome!
  8. BTF

    GCON enclosure

    Thank you! I've been playing around with WinISD and SubBox for the last couple of days, and I think I've got things squared away!
  9. Since there is no "pre-designed enclosures" tab for the GCON, and "enclosure recommendations" says 2.0-2.5 ft3, I'm wondering if I could use the plan for the ICON (12" optimal ported, 2.5 ft3 @ 30 Hz)? @Aaron Clinton?
  10. BTF

    Second post

  11. BTF

    Sub decision, please help!

    Thanks Nigel! I asked because the Smart 3 puts out 2k at 4ohms, and tirefryr suggested one Gcon.