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    4 channel setup. HELP!

    Well there "ARE exceptions"! The Steven's MB8 is installed and is crazy efficient at 98db (and that's with only sending it half rated) and I have it playing from 90hz to 2000hz and my SB29RDNC-C000-4 tweets pick up at 2k and the setup kills, its crystal clear and crazy loud. A simple 2 way that has stupid efficiency and FULL range, so yeah in my case they went "hand in hand" perfectly. Got it tuned with a Dayton 408 and everything is virtually flat across the board... listening to you I wouldve thought this setup didnt exist.
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    4 channel setup. HELP!

    Hey man what do you think about these in an 05' Altima doors to start off a 3way active? And do you believe the comments and write up claiming these will get low and perform in a 2 way setup to be a stretch? I was recommended these by several car audio vets and haven't heard anything bad about them... Theres also a 6 inch:
  3. Maxmil982

    4 channel setup. HELP!

    Many thanks for the response. 1) Im looking into a decent AGM now and Big 3 to be a starting point for electrical upgrades. I just plan to monitor voltages once everything is up and then either get a 2nd battery or HO alt. 2) also a Dayton 408 DSP is what I'm considering for processing. I've read dozens of posts on the Dayton alone and it seems to be a decent starter DSP and it's in my price range of of $150-200. Like I said I before I'm not really looking to hit an absolute homerun with everything. I'd actually prefer to gain some experience with moderate level products that aren't trash and are decent and I can utilize them for my wife or daughters car as I upgrade later on. 3) I've also done a ton of research and watched vids on fabrication and feel comfortable creating any type of a pillar pods or door modifications necessary for 3way active 4) I also plan to focus on the advanced steps like aiming, axis, o-scope or some other piece of equipment which I forgot at the moment, for setting gains, the mic used to calibrate things..etc I'm preparing to setup up everything properly just actually the hardest part is simply finding which speakers to get. My budget for the front stage speakers is $300 give or take. If it comes down to it and $300 for what is required just flat out doesnt exist then I'll try to find it used, if that doesnt work and the absolute only speakers that will work for this setup cost $500 then so be it. I'm not sure if you meant theres no 2way speaker that will keep up with an SA-12 @100Hz or no 2way active setup that will keep up. Im pretty sure you meant 2way active cuz I've already heard someone say that and recommended I go 3way... Then on that same thread a dozen guys chime in a say how a 2way active is possible and plenty people have done it and made it sound good it just takes the exact right speakers, tuned properly, fully treated doors (all of which I'm willing to do) and yadda yadda yadda and round it goes.... that's why I've just taken a step back and just roaming the internet for info and not starting a thread. I start a thread and get pulled in 5 different directions with conflicting advice. I reached out to you cuz it seems you know what your talking about and at the end of the day either theres got to be something that works. Ok I seen you said no exceptions so what speakers in a 3 way setup would you suggest with everything else considered? I'm forgetting about 2way...
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    4 channel setup. HELP!

    Hey bud you did a fine job with those analogies, I've read this entire thread and I have some input. I believe what the OP was saying was that if you had put the same energy into finely articulating exactly what WOULD work instead of WHY it wont work, it would be infinitely more helpful. Hopefully you dont take that the wrong way, because I have some of the exact same issues and I hope you can help me and it seems you really know what you're talking about. It's been incredibly difficult navigating advice and researched info because everyone has different goals and expectations. One of the BIGGEST miscommunications I hear is entry-level people asking about what would sound good, in general, and people responding with either what sounds good playing THEIR type of music or what sounds good to the experienced critical ear of an SQ audiophile. I'll wrap this up man cuz I really need some advice. This is my first build and I'm trying to go all out and research every detail and shoot for the best sounding loud build I can. Like the OP I listen to almost exclusively heavy bass rap. I also have an SA-12 sub stage heavily powered with an Orion HCCA D2400 competition amp that will give it 1200 rms. Ive found out that SA-12 will most likely need to be crossed at ~80-90Hz. I'm definitely shooting for loud and low, and need mids that can pick up ~100Hz like a champ. Thing is I'd like to have the front stage LOUD enough to keep up with the sub while also playing as clear and clean as possible. Im definitely making LOUD a priority, doesnt have to be competition hear it from a mile away loud, but LOUD bro.... I've found that having an SQ/SPL setup is no easy task. I was also looking into the Crescendo UN65s and was almost on the verge of getting them until I seen some of the things you said. Now I'm reconsidering. So in short, can you recommend a different midrange speaker(s) or front stage that will pair nicely with my sub stage? One other thing I'd like to keep it to a 2way front stage (my front amp is ppi 900.4), but if it's a huge leap towards achieving my goals I can dive into a 3-way front stage although I'd really like to avoid a 3way stage if I can nicely approximate my goals with a 2way. This build doesnt have to be an absolute homerun as long as it can sound good and loud and clear to get me started. FYI I plan on treating the doors, sealing everything and focusing heavily on bomb-proofing the front doors. Sorry for writing and essay man but I'm really trying to get all this info out and get some real, relevant effective advice. Thanks in advance