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    The Family Friendly Rango

  2. Dnewell2004

    The Family Friendly Rango

    3rd row is still totally functional.
  3. Dnewell2004

    The Family Friendly Rango

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    The Family Friendly Rango

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    The Family Friendly Rango

  6. Dnewell2004

    The Family Friendly Rango

  7. Dnewell2004

    The Family Friendly Rango

    So after the comp I decided to rebuild. I talked to a buddy of mine who is huge into it right now. He said I needed to go sub up and aero port back or side. If I went back I'd still be choking the port out. I also wanted to add a battery. So here's where I had to brain storm. There wasn't anywhere to put a second battery in the back so I decided to notch the box. The issue there was I took some air space away. So I moved my amp location and made the box deeper. This is the final product at this moment. I say that because I'm getting ready to order some Incriminator amps so the rack is gonna change.
  8. Dnewell2004

    The Family Friendly Rango

    Let me first start by saying I have mad respect for walls or laying down seats you don't need for more room. But for me I like the challenge of keeping my room, always have. I have a wife and 4 kids that still ride with me in a daily basis. I've always liked it loud but you also got to be able to hear the words clearly. So with this build I wanted to compete, not to win just for fun, and keep all of my seating. I bought an American Bass XFL 15 when I had my van and still had my 12-15 year old Diamond Audio Amps. When I got the Durango I built a sub back port back box and fastened the amps to the back of the seat. It was basic clean looking even though I never finished the amp rack. And my kicks didn't turn out horrible for my first set. But as you can see I was choking out the port and the sub was super close to the hatch. Fast forward after a trip to Slamology in 2019 I got the itch. I completed 1 time. Placed 3rd but only clamped like 500w. Wasn't good enough...to be continued.
  9. Dnewell2004

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Incriminator Audio and Audio Legion's website
  10. Dnewell2004

    What's up

    What's fellow audiophiles. New from southeast Ohio. Been in the game mildly since 1998. Had kids drifted away came back and was like wtf happened. Fosgate, MTX, JL and Kicker no longer run the landscape. Still learning about these newer (to me) brands. Put an AB XFL 15 in my Durango on my 15 year old Diamond Audio Amps. I'll post the install later if there a sub for it. I went to Slamology last year and got the itch to go bigger so here I am. Hope I don't ask too many questions and am able to help out where I can.