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  1. AK4900PA

    SSA GCON vs ???

    Thank you. The GCON looks like my best bet out of those three. I'd prefer the low end extension at the expense of a small increase in SPL up higher.
  2. AK4900PA

    SSA GCON vs ???

    Ok, found one. To be perfectly honest I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, but here are the graphs it gave me for 0.4, 0.8 and 1.2 cubic foot boxes.
  3. AK4900PA

    SSA GCON vs ???

    Is there an app that can do that?
  4. AK4900PA

    SSA GCON vs ???

    They also make a slightly taller and longer enclosure that has 1.4 cubic feet of gross space which I would imagine would work well with a 12" ICON, but it puts the sub right up against the bottom of the seat so Im assuming I'd only be able to use the sub when the seat is folded up.
  5. AK4900PA

    SSA GCON vs ???

    Been doing a bit more research and I'm also considering the DC Audio Level 3 and Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection. Still leaning toward the GCON. It's funny you mention the ICON because honestly I would have already ordered one if they made it in a 10" variety. As far as the enclosure, I'll be ordering an underseat enclosure from a company called Net Audio here in Texas. Its constructed of a fiberglass section molded to the floor and an MDF top. They have a variety of sizes available, but the particular one I'm looking at provides 0.8 cubic feet.
  6. AK4900PA

    SSA GCON vs ???

    I'm looking to install a single 10" subwoofer under the rear seat of my '18 Ram 2500. The enclosure is sealed with a gross volume of 0.8 cubic feet. The amp hasn't been purchased yet, but I'm leaning heavily toward the new Sundown SFB1000D which would provide 1k watts at 2ohms. I'm looking for sound quality while still having the ability to get reasonably loud. I listen to rock, metal and rap. I'm about to pull the trigger on a 10" GCON, but I'd like to get opinions on any other subs I should be looking at before ordering. Budget is <$400.